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  1. G43X or P365/P365XL?

    G17 and an sig 365 obviously are two different beasts! 365 awesome little gun for EDC , but the G17 awesome on the range, home defense or competition.. I hope to own both someday! ... In the meantime I enjoy my g19 and S&W shield for EDC. Glocks are customizable which is awesome
  2. G43X or P365/P365XL?

    I myself rather get a frame and build it to my liking personally.... thats what I like about Glock is the vast amount of parts in the marketplace to customize a build. I have a 43 frame ( but I think the gun is obsolete) an d about together another 19 frame
  3. G43X or P365/P365XL?

    Lazy? Afraid? ... what does that have to do with DB's trying to over charge because they ca get Glocks , resell at a ridiculous price.
  4. G43X or P365/P365XL?

    Every Glock in this wonderful state is over priced by 2-$300 , along with all the ammo sold on this site. on Gunbroker they are $450 - $600 ( $600 do not sell fast) , but since you live in Mass, you can offer it $700-$800 and work your way down- but who would buy one it being a 6 shot , when you...
  5. G43X or P365/P365XL?

    so... what was the outcome? Did you find a 43x and switch? are you in Ma and they raped you and tacked on an extra $300 over mfg price?
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