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  1. 3D printing

    I just edited my post, take a look at Ninjatek Armadillo, this might help you. As for what will survive what, I can't say, you are going to have to wade through the specs and see what will perform to your requirements. Let's face it, the hotter environment you want your finished product to...
  2. 3D printing

    You can get away with printing higher temperature filaments at lower hot end temperatures at the expense of print speed. The issue is how long it has in the hot end to properly liquefy. So for example, if you are running your hot end at its maximum of 260C and you slow down the print to say...
  3. 3D printing

    Check out these baby's View...
  4. 3D printing

    Yep, but you get what you pay for, its a superior control board. As far as hot ends go, I am a purist, I machine my own stuff and I also use the duet force sensor for bed leveling. These work awesome as they use the actual nozzle touching the bed to register an extremely accurate Z position. I...
  5. 3D printing

    Get a duet3D and never look back, I have these in each of my printers and they are awesome!
  6. I had a couple of primers blow up on me while reloading

    I am glad you weren't injured Jim.
  7. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    Send them a link to this thread and let them see how much business their decision to screw you has cost them.
  8. Guess what this is

    Severely trimmed.
  9. SO what will happen if I put some tracers in my lead pot?

    Don't forget static from the shop vac!
  10. Does anybody have a hand priming tool they can lend (or sell) me?

    I have the complete shell holder set as well as the large and small rams.
  11. Does anybody have a hand priming tool they can lend (or sell) me?

    I have a lee that you can borrow.
  12. removeing case lube

    Jim you are in rare form today, I needed a good laugh.... Jacks tumbling media [rofl]

    I have one and I like it for what it is. It uses the standard shellholders with pilots. I am not crazy about how the chuck mechanism works and I have modified it a bit. But, I use it a lot for .223 and .308 as well as .30-30 and it does work and is pretty consistant. The issue is the way it...
  14. Case Prep Set Up Question

    I always resize before I trim. When you resize the brass is when it will grow. Trimming before the resize wont work too well for consistant COAL. Thats the way I do it anyway.
  15. Formula for figuring out the powder charge

    Don't let this happen to you. No it isn't mine but I was at the range when it went off, not pretty.
  16. Range Lead questions.

    Make sure you dont get any live rounds in there ! [shocked]
  17. Vibrating tumbler timer

    Go to the hardware store and get a bathroom fan timer. Mine goes from 0 to 8 hours. You turn it and it tic-tocs down. They have 2 wires and mount in a single hole. I just drilled a 3/8" hole in my Lyman tumblers base and installed it, use wire nuts to connect it in series with the power wire...

    So what is your issue? Site rules state that posting that info is a no no.
  19. Accurate Arms warning about .40 S&W

    As has been posted on this forum by people wiser than I "No good can come of the .40" [laugh]
  20. Will you shoot someone else's reloads and/or let them shoot yours?

    I won't do either, it's too much assumtion of risk. If I screw up and someone gets hurt it's my fault and if someone else screws up, I have a bad day. Either way it's a bummer.
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