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  1. Noveske Bringing Bolt Actions Back - The Lot Lizard

    Q did it first with this MINI FIX
  2. Preferred 5.56 SBR length

    10.5, because it's a SHORT barreled rifle... A quality barrel and adjustable gas block will negate any reliability concerns vs 11.5 or 12.5. The flash, noise, or unpleasantness will be affected more by your choice of ammunition and muzzle device than that 2" of barrel.
  3. Comparing Smiths

    I'll use the SEMA car analogy. A custom car is built, to the average person who isn't a complete car nut, it's a beautiful show car. But it was pushed off a trailer, it doesn't drive, it doesn't even start. "Bluetooth ignition system" "Bluetooth drive shaft" "Bluetooth brake lines." Yes, it's...
  4. Comparing Smiths

    Personally, I'm looking at who they market their work to. Is it a guy that wants a premium safe queen, or a guy that will shoot tens of thousands of rounds a year in competition?
  5. Scope Mounting on AR

    What BUIS? Is it mounted on the furthest back rail slot? What is the eye relief of your scope? I can't picture a scope in a cantilever mount that is half off of the receiver and you still being able to achieve proper cheek weld and eye relief.... Unless the mount is backwards, do you have...
  6. Green vs. Red Optics

    Holosun green is surprisingly fantastic, can been seen well in all lighting conditions and backgrounds, even bright green foliage. Trijicon green Accupoint is simply not bright enough for a bright sunny day, but the same with the red reticle, this is a well documented thing with this scope line...
  7. USPSA shoots self in leg today?

    Great, another "IDPA rules are dumb thread"
  8. USPSA shoots self in leg today?

    Take pride in your appearance, dress nice on the range, tuck in your blouse.
  9. USPSA shoots self in leg today?

    Hoping the dude is ok. We go over the basic safety stuff all of the time. people take it for granted. We go over the accident protocols for calling 911 all the time... "training accident" and not "someone has been shot" people that for granted. I hope this incident was handled in the...
  10. Deals and steals

    That Midway range bag with all the accessories is worth every penny of at least $100. I've had one for about 7 or 8 years. It's holding up very well. It does have s fading from weather but the zippers all still work in the straps are not torn.
  11. Deals and steals

    I too have a Ender 3 v2 pro. The noise it makes if heard from another room could be compared or mistaken for a paper inkjet printer. It's nothing to worry about, I'm actually surprised people say it's worth the quiet upgrade. A glass bed is the only upgrade I did. I developed a good...
  12. Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy

    Didn't Springfield make a double stack sometimes back in the '90's? @Rob Boudrie Where they a player competing against STI /SV ( Para) at some with either a one piece or modular grip /frame 2 piece ( like current current Sticcado)
  13. Mass shooter: 0 Armed bystander: 1 Media: -1

    What are you implying here? Are you saying 22 is more accurate than more commonly accepted self defense calibers? I would wager that nearly any quality handgun is mechanically accurate enough to hit a human torso size target 100 yards (40 is easy) With every shot. If you can't do that...
  14. I hope this means what I think it does? (Restrictions gone?)

    So the licensing authority can inquire blah blah blah but can not use that to deny the applicant. I bet they will. And I hope they get slapped,. Hard.
  15. Comm2A files against the AG on LCIs, Draper v Coakley

    If Draper has since acquired a Glock via private party FA-10 personal transfer, is there now no standing?
  16. Heavy trigger on Glock 34 9mm

    Do the inexpensive springs shown above, along with the polishing job. In my opinion the lighter connectors make the trigger feel mushy or spongy.
  17. Steel target sizes?

    Will they be used for taking to a range, or setting up permanently or semi permanently on your property? I ask because you said T post hangers. While the posts are very affordable, they suck for hammering into the ground if you are going to and from a range with them. If you are going to...
  18. Staccato XC or Atlas Titan

    What I don't like about Atlas is that they do not offer custom options. If I were in the market for a hign end pistol I would want it exactly however I want it, and it wouldn't be from atlas. There are plenty of top tier builders that will talk to the buyer and build exactly what they...
  19. Best 2 stage AR15 trigger

    The Geissele is the go to 3 gun competition trigger. Specifically the S3G. (SD3G if you want flat bow) There are plenty of triggers that are light and short pull that make it a pleasure to shoot accurately with, and yes this is important for the long range 3 gun rifle shots. However, most of...
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