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  1. #Van-Life, bruh! Is this like, how to make a megathread?

    nice jeep, even has a diesel heater. i saw the exhaust before he mentioned it. you wont get any moisture since the heater vents to outside you need to have nes meetup with this guy.
  2. Primitive Natl Forest Campgrounds in NH maybe Western MA or VT

    Signs everywhere on the 1/4 mile from the road rule so just the opposite of OP California model
  3. RV living

    It was the case before covid and recent times, but more now. Some brands/models/years you knew were better than others. There is no way to keep up. You always take a chance when buying and RV, you must be handy and creative and fix things yourself. Inspect your own prior to purchase. look for...
  4. RV living

    I've had one of those for 40 years. you missing the three prong to two prong adapter so you can use grounded extension cord with it.
  5. RV living

    Why would you not have a house in nh. Nice warm/cool place on weekends Driving rv twice a week, will get old. Leave rv at work, commute with car. Also the answer depends on the size and type of rv on how comfortable you will be. Winters could get rough. Insulation not the best. Most likley...
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