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  1. Lake Karens Attack!

    That's why I always make sure I have a good supply of death shells on hand. You never know when they will come in handy.
  2. Record Brook Trout Caught In Colorado

    Do they have any nuke power stations in Colorado?
  3. Black Flies!

    They showed up here 3 days ago. Before that, nothing then like in one day, they all came out. Now it sucks to be outside without a head net and bug spray. I made the mistake of leaving the shop door open yesterday and now it sucks inside too!
  4. I think I shot a deer

    Is it possible to shoot yourself with a bow and arrow.
  5. Run rabbit run.

    Dig that hole, forget the sun.
  6. Name that Pooh

    Whatever it was, it was sick.
  7. Firsthand Account: Shot by a Trespasser

    Got caught poaching, injured someone and had the nerve to take the birds before leaving? Turn him in or he will be back doing it again.
  8. Anyone else feel 'bad' after shooting something?

    I had a gopher tearing up my yard last year, posted on here about it and how I did not want to kill it. I tried traps and stuff to repel it but in the end I shot the bugger. I felt bad about it but it was wrecking my foundation and septic field. I can say now that I didnt enjoy it but I am glad...
  9. Please help me find squirrel hunting locations around Boston Metro-West

    You use a 12 gauge for squirrels? Is there anything left? Sorry I cant help you with a location.
  10. JUNE-12-09 Quabbin pics...Good Day!

    I always release them but I bum out when they go belly up. I will remember the eagle bait thing. By the way, those are some woppers, I am envious. Joe
  11. JUNE-12-09 Quabbin pics...Good Day!

    For my 500th post I will say BINGO, its blood but it sure looked cool.
  12. JUNE-12-09 Quabbin pics...Good Day!

    What is the one in the last picture? I have never seen one with a red stripe on it. Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. weekday striper report-

    Holy CRAP, that fish is bigger than you! that is f'ing awesome guy. I am impressed[smile]
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