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  1. i thought i'd make some of your heads explode

    I must be an oddball because I like both the 10mm AND the .40. Me too...great round! I have an early P14-45 that I can shoot more accurately with over my Colt Gold Cup. I think it's due to the larger double-stack grip.
  2. Best Striker-Fired Handgun and Why?

    ...and I'd like a couple of stacked orphaned Playmates from Hef's harem.
  3. 50 State Legal Suppressed Rifle

    I'll give you something else to bash me. Two of my BP revolvers are Ruger Old Armys. One in blue, the other in stainless. I've never fired the stainless one because it's just too purdy to ruin with BP (no, it's not the one in my avatar). [laugh]
  4. 50 State Legal Suppressed Rifle

    If you're not bashing me for calling your Mossberg a crappy trap gun, you're now bashing me for stating that the BP rifle must be a bitch to clean. I have no hate for BP guns, so ask before you presume that I hate them. I own BP rifles and revolvers. Depending on what I'm shooting, I cast my...
  5. 50 State Legal Suppressed Rifle

    Legal in NJ, NY, and D.C., but it has to go to or be sold by a FFL. Being BP, I think that it would be a bitch to clean.
  6. Sig Sauer P320 Fails Drop Test

    I guess that the internet rumors of the 320 failing the drop test going back to at least February 2017 were true (maybe why it failed the FBI testing, too).
  7. Need to shed .3 ounces.

    If the guide rod change out is a no go, I wouldn't go cutting up the gun slide or the frame. As others have mentioned, try different scales, if possible, or take something that is an known accurate weight to test on your scale. OTOH, the Dawson EZ-Off base plates that you are using weigh...
  8. Krazy Customs Firearm Cerakoting

    Nicely done, but I'm not a fan of making a real gun look like a toy.
  9. new M&PShield 45 .. WOW

    They primer strikes look the same as from my .45 Shield.
  10. new M&PShield 45 .. WOW

    I had no intention of buying one either based on my experience shooting other people's 9mm and .40 Shields. However, with the rebate I couldn't resist, and figured it was worth it even if it needed an Apex kit. After buying and dry firing with it, I thought the grip texture was way too...
  11. Strange G23 FTE issue

    Don, the OP did say in his first post 10 months ago that it is a Gen2 G23, so u-notch mags should work assuming that the mag springs are okay.
  12. Remington RP9 --- Military Arms Channel Review

    It appears that it is useless, but it has a nice LCI that Maura would like. [wink]
  13. S&W 9VE and 40VE (Sigma Series)

    I have one that I used as an NRA instructor in many classes without any problems, so it has many rounds through it. All I did was install an APEX kit to reduce the trigger pull. There is a used one on EBAY for $61.75 that shows a chamber photo that looks very good. Nothing on Gunbroker...
  14. .45 Shield

    I had a chance to fire one, but I still prefer my G30S with 10+1.
  15. Help ID'ing this old 16ga SXS

    17.0 and 16.9 is the diameter and choke constrictions for the barrels in mm. 17 = 0.669", 16.9 = 0.665". The proof marks are definitely Belgium, but as you stated, it could be a French gun as the Belgians made copies of other guns, and Le Harve is in France. As I indicated in my previous...
  16. Help ID'ing this old 16ga SXS

    I forgot to add that the numbers, 16-65, inside the omega figure indicates the gauge, 16, and 65 is the chamber length in millimeters (roughly 2.6"). Other marks discussed above also appear again in the link below:
  17. Help ID'ing this old 16ga SXS

    The markings on the shotgun strongly indicate that it was built in Liege, Belgium in 1925. If it is a true guild gun, then parts (barrels, action) could have been made in other countries and assembled in Liege, Belgium, especially if there is no marks for the manufacturer. The circle with...
  18. 460XVR

    I believe that it also fires the very powerful .45 Schofield, too. [laugh]
  19. Stick with 9mm or try out .40 I CANT DECIDE!

    So my P229 doesn't count? Everyone should own at least one Sig tank. [pot]
  20. Stick with 9mm or try out .40 I CANT DECIDE!

    I didn't get a chance to chime in before you made your decision. Variety is the spice of life. Should have gone with the .40. [laugh]
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