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  1. Quarter Circle 10

    Anybody here have any experience with products from Quarter Circle 10? I have been poking around the internet looking at options and configurations for pistol-caliber carbines (9 mm) and Quarter Circle 10 in Arizona pops up a lot.
  2. K frame spring kit?

    I'm thinking about upgrading my S&W model 19 with a reduced power spring kit. There seem to be at least 3 kits on the market -- Wolff, Wilson Combat, Miculek. Any members have any experience with these? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Best CCW/Self defense insurance?

    A stand-your-ground law would be helpful too.
  4. Fiber optic replacement

    Crackpot suggested 1 mm (.040") would be the correct size and as usual he was right! For CZ Shadow 2 stock front sight 1 mm rod will work just fine.
  5. What to look for in a Python?

    I believe only the 6" barrel model is now approved. I want a 4" - 4.25" barrel. I think that is still prohibited.
  6. Fiber optic replacement

    The red fiber optic on my CZ Shadow 2 Blue fell out the other day. Does anyone know off-hand what size rod I should get for replacement? Also, what is the best method for installing so it doesn't fall out again? Thank you.
  7. What to look for in a Python?

    Thank you all for your comments. I checked with my dealer and a Python cannot be transferred in this miserable state unless it was owned in said miserable state prior to 1998. So much for finding one on Gunbroker, The FS gun must have been one of those pre-1998 owned guns. As far as a new Python...
  8. What to look for in a Python?

    I am seriously considering adding a Colt Python to my collection. I want a blued model with the 4-inch barrel. I am hoping to shoot it, not just stash it in my safe. Are there particular years or ears that are more desirable than others? Are there any issues to be aware of with Pythons? Prices...
  9. HD Shotgun recommendations?

    Thank you for your comment. My plan is to get thoroughly proficient with the loading, unloading, firing and cleaning of the shotgun. If I ever (God forbid) have to use it to defend my family I will be able to do so. I do not anticipate becoming any sort of marksman with the shotgun, just good...
  10. HD Shotgun recommendations?

    Finally got my shotgun a few days ago. Beretta 1301 on Gunbroker. I'm looking forward to shooting it when I go up to NH at the end of next month. My gun club doesn't allow shotguns to be fired on their range (indoor range). My dealer at the Mill handled the transfer and has been very helpful...
  11. HD Shotgun recommendations?

    Thank you for all the input. I have been doing some homework: • 12 gauge ammunition is indeed much more available than 20 gauge, and at better prices. • Watched Hickock 45's video on the Mossberg 930 SPX. Shotgun had two failures to feed in roughly 40 rounds. • I like the simplicity of a pump...
  12. HD Shotgun recommendations?

    Some of my friends who own shotguns had suggested 20 gauge. I guess for me it would be lower recoil and reduced "blast". If I ever had to use it in my home I wouldn't want to blow out too much plaster -- just enough to neutralize a threat.
  13. HD Shotgun recommendations?

    Looking for a 20 gauge shotgun for home defense. I am not a hunter or trap shooter. I kind of zeroed in on the Mossberg 590 Persuader. 6+1, 18.5" barrel, looks pretty simple and reliable. The only criticism I found was a problem with the lifter if the gun is dropped hard on its side. Since it...
  14. Thank you Sig Sauer

    I have a Sig P938. It recently stopped functioning properly (failures to chamber, slide not fully retracting when fired). Called Sig on a Thursday, shipped the gun out Friday, got it back the following Wednesday. They replaced the magazines, the sear spring, the recoil spring and tuned up the...
  15. AK Picture Thread? Is this not a thing, somehow?

    This is my 19-year old girlfriend holding one of my AKs in my fortified gun room.... I WISH! Not sure which I would like better: a 19-year old girlfriend, an AK, or a fortified gun room...
  16. Another Smith another return

    I finally got my 586 back last Thursday. According to the paperwork they replaced the main spring and the strain screw. Took it to the range on Saturday and she performed flawlessly. I ran 75 rounds through her double and single action with no hiccups. Needless to say I am very happy to have the...
  17. Where can I find a mass compliant Walther P22?

    Never shot a Walther P22. I have a Walther P38 chambered for .22 LR. A very finicky gun; mostly a collector's item. Here are my favorite .22s: Browning Buckmarks (4" & 5.5" barrels) S&W 617 (4" barrel, 10-round capacity) The Brownings have run very smoothly since I broke them in. Both pistols...
  18. Another Smith another return

    Haven't got the revolver back yet. I have a reminder on my phone to call Smith at the end of the month to follow up. It will have been 6 weeks by August 28. They did say it would take 4 to 6 weeks to be examined & fixed.
  19. Another Smith another return

    I watched the video. Interesting. When he was done he said he had set the revolver to a 7.5 lb trigger pull. That seems very light. He did say that the tension was dependent on the ammunition but I still think 7.5 lbs would be too light for 100% reliability.
  20. Another Smith another return

    I ordered and received a Wheeler digital trigger pull scale. The 586 is measuring an average of 9 lbs 9.5 oz in double action. Gun goes to S&W on Monday. We shall see what happens...
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