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    Well, after much needed convincing I’m going to go through with the Form 1. Already grabbed some fingerprint cards and ordered an Aero Precision MOE LPK with a Rise Armament anti walk drop in trigger. This is just the beginning and I’m stoked! I’ll be doing the form and sending everything out...
  2. New to Building

    Im in Attleboro. Its a long story, i used to be very active on here and have chronicled with others about my experience. I applied for my LTCA when i was 21...was straight up told by the licensing officer that i was going to be issued a H&T license. i immediately contacted local politicians...
  3. New to Building

    has there ever been any reported issues with the CLEO for any applicants? or is it merely a notification for them that you've applied? I only ask, because although my town is considered green, the CLEO withheld my LTCA until i was 25 because that is his policy.
  4. New to Building

    lol my bad! i was quick to post in here thinking 'building up a lower' so ive been doing some reading in the eForm 1 thread, it sounds like the entire process is through the applicants hands. which is nice, the application and submittal of your own fingerprints sounds like a breeze. i assume...
  5. New to Building

    so what is the deal with the eForm 1? I know you used to have to go let your COP know that you were building an SBR etc? Now its just all electronic? i assume you register the lower SN with the form as an SBR, pay the fee electronically and wait the month or so for approval?
  6. New to Building

    Well the final length goal is 16" to not have to register it as an SBR. Although, i am not opposed to building an SBR, i have heard that the stamp process has become easier in some regard with the implementation of the electronic applications. I know there is still the 9 month wait period or...
  7. New to Building

    Hey all, I am looking at finally building my Anderson lower that i purchased pre-Healey. I have alot of interest in trying to build a shorter barreled upper with some sort of extended muzzle device to exceed the 16" OAL. Im fine with keeping it as 5.56 but am open to a different caliber as...
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