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  1. 2007 Starcraft Centennial Popup camper

    I just posted this on craigslist but thought I would throw it up year also.
  2. Yard Sale Sunday 10/2 9am-1pm

    We are having a yard sale Sunday 10/2 9am to 1pm and I am digging through hunting supplies, gun parts, holsters etc to add to the regular items. Location is Rich Road in west Woburn. It's a small street, easy to find on google maps and we'll have signs out on the main street (Russell) to...
  3. SOLD Please Delete

    SOLD Please Delete
  4. Mathews Drenalin bow

    $200 for the bow if anyone wants it.
  5. Mathews Drenalin bow

    Get your practicing in before deer season!! This bow is a proven deer killer :) Willing to talk price and some possible accessories. 6 matched arrows and I might have a few more things I can dig up.
  6. Mathews Drenalin bow

  7. Sold

    I"ll take $200 to see these moved to a new home.
  8. Sold

  9. Mathews Drenalin bow

    I was keeping this as my backup bow but just don't use it anymore so I'd like to see it go to a good home. Perfect for someone wanting to get into archery. The bow shoots great. I bought a new one a couple of years ago. No damage on the bow, it's in great shape. string and cables were...
  10. WTS Mathews Drenalin bow

  11. WTS Mathews Drenalin bow

    I bought this bow new in 2007. Right hand Mathews Drenalin 60-70 pound 29" draw. I also have the 28.5" cam for it, I bought it with 28.5" and decided to move to the 29" shortly after. I splurged and bought a new bow this year and decided not to keep this one as a backup. The bow is in...
  12. WTS New Irish Setter Trophy Tracker boots size 11

    Great boots, make me an offer!
  13. WTS New Irish Setter Trophy Tracker boots size 11

    Make it an externally dated 30 round preban AR mag and we have a deal :)
  14. WTS New Irish Setter Trophy Tracker boots size 11

    Bought these and never wore them. 600 gram thinsulate. Real nice boots but just too warm for me and a little bulky for what I was looking for. I found a pair I liked better. Was too late to return them so they have been sitting on a shelf. Foot beds are likely a different set and not the...
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