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  1. shotgun fitting in ma

    Definitely call and make an appointment before going to Coles in Harpswell. Jim does excellent work.
  2. New floor install necessitates moving a gunsafe.

    Tilt it and put about 3 dowels under it and roll it a little at a time and move the dowel when it comes out to the other side. Thats how I moved a very heavy wood stove by myself, only all I had was window weights, and they worked great
  3. Maryland gun store looted on Black Friday, thieves allegedly took 'long guns'

    You would think gun stores would have the steel curtains to cover all that glass when store is closed, or NOT have glass windows for the entire store front. Just like the Apple Store drive through, I am surprised all the strip malls don't have bollards to keep vehicles out of stores. I don't...
  4. 1911 Gunsmith in Eastern MA?

    +1 on Lou does beautiful work!
  5. Boston globe Mill article

    My Grandfather took me to Pleasure Island in the mid 50's and got to see the 3 Stooges perform. My favorite thing there was the trains. As a little kid, got to climb up ladders and go all over the engines. Could you imagine something like that today??? I miss the good old days :(
  6. What to do with ammo for a caliber you no longer own?

    Give it to a friend[smile]
  7. C & R book

    I record everything in my book when I have the firearm in hand after fondeling it touching it all over.
  8. What are must haves for a good club?? Considering starting a club.

    I like to shoot trap and have access to shoot during off times. It also depends on how long it will take me to get to the facility if I would be interested. Thanks
  9. Grand Opening of Sig Sauer Experience Center

    Went this morning about 1030. Parking is at the drag way with LOTS of PD directing traffic and you get parked and GIANT luxury busses take you to the Sig place. Very well run, LOTS of help and enjoyed walking around and looking at vendors, and arrived at right time and line for Adam Vinatieri...
  10. Glock Slide Refinishing?

    Try Lou at Business End Customs in Peabody. Check his website out, Lou does really great work
  11. gun sniffing dog? is that a thing?

    On Northwoods Law (NH Game Wardens) they have several dogs that are trained for gunpowder. They can go out in a field and find a wad, shell or hull. I don't know how long it can sit in the field before the residue can't be detected.
  12. This cannot be good…. Corrosion.

    I found same stuff on one of my AR's, Hoopes #9 and some good oil and it went away. Sat in safe for couple of years.

    Yes got the email and a voice mail. I just have a C&R so I guess all FFLs got it.
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