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  1. Modern handguns that have preban mags available?

    No, it doesn't make much sense, but that's still the reality for a lot of modern guns here in MA with reduced capacity. I'd personally still bring it and wait to get some 10rd mags.
  2. legalaity of mag extensions

    At no point did I say the majority of metal magazines were made that way. I actually followed it up pointing out it was Glock. So why you harping on the minutiae over points I never made?
  3. legalaity of mag extensions

    It is possible I didn't understand what you were describing. What I was describing was: A purpose-built limited magazine (A 10 rd Glock 17 OEM mag, for instance) would have interior metal rails built into the metal sleeve. Glock does this by putting a triangle shaped rail running the length of...
  4. legalaity of mag extensions

    But if the blocker is part of the baseplate assembly, couldn't one just break that off and/or just replace the baseplate with a standard cap baseplate? That's probably me overthinking it, but I'm a self-admitting p*ssy when it comes to legal risk tolerance.
  5. legalaity of mag extensions

    Well, like it's a risk tolerance thing. I suppose one could epoxy the baseplates.
  6. legalaity of mag extensions

    "Readily converted" in my mind is the key factor. For instance, mags where you take a baseplate off and remove space blocker and put the mag back together--those are the mags that come to mind. That's kind of why I personally dislike the notion of standard cap blocked mags for compliance (as...
  7. NJ to MA transplant

    To be fair, my LTC class was mainly a 1 hour NRA video from 1985 and a rather disinterested instructor only answering "can I ship my X gun up here (" questions from a southerner transplant.
  8. FID compliant rifles or shotguns for home defense?

    One thing I still don't understand about "large capacity" is how it applies to semi auto shotguns given the various length of shells. Do you defer to the longest or smallest shell size for the magic five round capacity? For instance, a Mossberg 18.5" 590s can hold five 3" shells, or six 2 1/4"...
  9. Delete

    P80's do seem to have softer polymer than OEM, but that resulting in catastrophic failure? Not so sure. Mine has lasted several hundreds of rounds without any worries, but that's just a sample pool of 1. As for the cost effectiveness--I don't really think that was the goal of an 80% kit. You may...
  10. Mass compliant?

    I read somewhere that for MA, it is either a mag disconnect or LCI. Has to have one or the other. But I think I read that on some blog a couple years ago, so I'm not quoting that as scripture. Would make a little sense though how sometimes you see it, and sometimes you don't.
  11. Mass compliant?

    This. Although, one could remove the mag disconnect spring/lever. I was under the impression that this compliance aspect is only for point of sale, and has no bearing on ownership (meaning once owned, you can remove it). But IANAL.
  12. Is There A 30 Day Temp Permit? Something New?

    Is this related?
  13. Carrying on the SSA

    JESUS CHRIST!!! You're bringing a gun on a boat?!? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?!? Better make it safe by leaving it unattended on a wheelchair in a mop closet.
  14. Glocks in MA

    There's this guy on this board that sells pre Maura AR's at a modest 200% mark up. I bet he'd know where to get a G21.
  15. How much trouble would I be in? Forgot my license at home.

    Nobody can be told what an upper decker is, you have to see it for yourself.

    I said an upper. Rewster said a couple of guns. I'm pretty sure Len-2A answered the base question already, but I was putting a spin on it for what I thought might be helpful info if true.

    Could a person bring a non-registered part, like just an upper in this scenario?
  18. Tri-lug legality

    I always forget that they are just one of other "evil features" and if you were to go with, say a featureless stock, you could then add a feature back. I'm always doing the feature math in my head assuming a pistol grip on a rifle, which is probably the wrong approach.
  19. Tri-lug legality

    Threaded barrel nonsense has to be one of the dumbest gun laws on the books in MA because it is largely redundant to already having flash and noise suppressors illegal for us peons. All it does is force us to pin and weld comps or brakes just to get the barrels we want that only have threaded...
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