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  1. Forced surrender of bump stocks in MA EOPSS letter, per GOAL

    [popcorn]And we're off!
  2. Storing pistol at non LTC holder residence

    We all went a little off topic. Does anyone actually have an answer to the op's question about leaving his firearm at his girlfriend's house?
  3. Legal to buy ammo online in MA?

    [slap] Really??
  4. slide fire stock

    Ordered one of this over weekend.
  5. multiple AW related questions

    Maybe? Maybe! Man anyone have a definitive answer.
  6. multiple AW related questions

    Great 2 threads and still no answer. [crying]
  7. Handgun and ammo in same safe?

    Unloading 2 of them and throwing in a bottle of tequila, hoping for double the pleasure. [wink]
  8. LTC-A Unrestricted Automatically = Concealed Carry??

    Congrats and Yes. LTC = License to Carry
  9. So let's talk about the upcoming rally!!!

    Do you really wanna see how far they can "flex" any particular ordinance?
  10. So let's talk about the upcoming rally!!!

    Agree with MisterHappy. Tread lightly with the visual aids, don't wanna have to contribute you legal fund if you get jammed up.
  11. How long does it take for a police interview?

    The interview part I did the day I handed in the app, but it took about 2 maybe 3 weeks to finally get an appointment to hand in the app. Now after that I waited around almost another 5 months. According to the local leos the hold up was with the state. All good in the end cause I walked away...
  12. LTC question

    Worked for me.
  13. Responses from MA Representatives and Senators

    Good work. Thanks.
  14. Firearm Buy-Back

    Ditto. I run a foster home for unwanted firearms. [rofl]
  15. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    I'm in Franklin county. After 4 months got a call today to pick up my class A no restrictions. [smile]
  16. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    12 weeks and waiting. Local Lt great guy. Told me the state was the hold up.
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