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  1. Need a recipe for 20Ga 2 3/4 inch Remington Gun Club hulls

    Better to be safe and go directly to the powder manufacturer website and you can plug in all you want for the correct recipe.
  2. many questions

    Call Dillon, they are guaranteed for life, but PatMcD had a great point. I have a 650 and handle has to go ALL the way down and push back till it stops. Good luck
  3. Dillon delivered

    I ordered a new head and 40 cal dies for my 650 and yes it took 7 months to be delivered, but I was mainly doing shot shells. Still haven't used it yet.
  4. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Is anyone using the Mr. Bullet Feeder MINI 9mm on their Dillon 650? I am thinking of ordering one after the holidays. If your using it, is there any problems, do you like it? Thanks
  5. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I have a PW 800+ with electric drive. Once I make sure everything is working good and check my powder drops, all I have to do is make sure primer drops in and hulls are feeding and put a wad in wad finger without getting MY finger bit and the machine just spits them out.
  6. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    About 600 more reloads for breaking clays. Factory target shells VERY scarce, glad I still reloaded when factory on sale was about as cheap as a reload! Now to box them up.
  7. Any shotgun shell reloaders here?

    You can't go wrong with a MEC. Their support is great and I loaded many a shell on a MEC 9000.
  8. Reloading Bench Show yours off!

    Looks really nice, but WAY too organized
  9. Reloading Bench Show yours off!

    My PW 800+ on one side and Dillon 650 on the other side.
  10. Purchasing in MA Question

    Don't buy anything in Ma. that I need except when I want to buy a handgun and I have to go through some step in Ma. On line sellers won't even ship a plastic wad to a Ma. address. Oh Well......
  11. Dillon Square Deal - Why not

    Go to Brian Enos website Brian has as good a price as you will get on Dillon as prices are controlled by Dillon. Brian has a great FAQ section that will help you determine what press you should get . I got my 650 from him and its probably more press than I...
  12. Purchase Locally or Just order from Dillon?

    Plus everyone that said Brian Enos! Bought my 650 and accessories from him. Plus everyone else on all the information his site has, and that you NEED to read FAQ's he has explaining the machines and how he would order them. He will answer any question you have that is not in the FAQ. All his...
  13. New to reloading so bear with me

    I would stick with a Hornaday, RCBS or Dillon. You can find them used for a good price all set up ready to go.
  14. Reloading forum

    Brian Enos
  15. Reloading small apartment, carpeting

    This would be my concern along with a tarp, don't know if static electricity could pop a primer, but wouldn't want it to happen. Powder wouldnt explode but if you had something set it off it would be a flash and probably would not end up good.
  16. Brass tumbling question??

    The book that came with my Dillon said not to polish much more than 1 1/2 hour. I noticed pretty close to same on reloading areas on different blogs.
  17. Primer Detonation While Reloading

    About 35 years ago I was loading rifle shells with the old Lee Handloader, and using my little plastic mallet to seat the primer, and "Boom" scared the crap out of me but no injury. Use real presses now and no problem ever since. Glad you had no injury except to pride.
  18. Anyone ordering from Dillon soon?

    If you order from Brian, his shipping is less than Dillon, if you cant find anyone ordering.
  19. Primers "On Sale" - Question About Brands

    I reload lots of shotgun shells, and use the Winchester, but when Nobel are available at a considerable savings, I use them. Small pistol primers should be about the same, I found some Winchester, but would probably use the cheaper ones if I had a choice. Midway's prices are high. It is...
  20. New question, bullet weights:)

    If you are going to use cast, Lucky 13 makes a good bullet at a good price. I like Berry's for plated, and Riley's prices for Berry are pretty good.
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