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  1. Help with death of gun owner

    Not looking to take the thread in a different direction, but would an adult child with an LTC be able to remove the firearms? My thinking is yes, but am interested if someone here knows for sure.
  2. Wife name change

    Because if she wants to keep her maiden name, she can remain single. Screw enlightenment. [crying] - - - Updated - - - Hmmm....if it would screw up the state computers, then I'd add a hyphen everywhere.
  3. Wife name change

    Finally getting the wife's LTC app filled out and got a question. After much diligent searching, I'm unable to find an answer. The question on the app is "Have you ever used or been known by a different name? If yes, explain." Does that mean a married woman must mention her maiden name and...
  4. You can transport your guns in the car

    Of course, we all know that anyone breaking into your car would never be carrying a sharp object......[smile]
  5. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Maybe a letter from a pro-gun attorney would move things along. Earlier this year, I waited just about 6 weeks for my Class A no restrictions. My son had his Class A in about the same time frame from the same town (Raynham) earlier this year.
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