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  1. WTS: (Price Drop 5/20) Freeze Dried Food

    5/20 - Price Drop -- $150 takes it all. Mountain house and Honeyville cases, see attached list. You must pickup on south shore. Will only sell in the 3 "lots" or sections in the list, ie not selling individual cases. Thanks
  2. SOLD: Prepper Sale

    20 buckets of dry good foods vacuum sealed in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers between 2011/2012. All are in food grade 6 gallon buckets with sealed lids. The buckets themselves are worth about 10$ each, yet each item with food is between $8-$15. I've attached a PDF with individual costs...
  3. Prep Friendly MD or NP - South Shore, Metro Boston?

    Hi All, I'm looking for a prep friendly MD or NP on the south shore. If you would kindly PM me if you know of one. Many thanks and happy prepping, JC
  4. Generator/Small Engine Repair mechanic?

    Thanks guys, maybe I'll check it out by myself do some basics, change the gas etc... couldn't hurt to learn a bit more myself as well. JC
  5. Generator/Small Engine Repair mechanic?

    Hey All, I'm looking for a small engine repair person/shop that is honest, I know a couple in Duxbury/Hanover that are horrible, so would prefer to pay a few bucks to someone who is honest and knows what they are doing and needs the money. Know anyone who works on gas powered generators in...
  6. 55 Gallon Drum provider metro boston?

    Great thanks so much, I'll give Burke a call!
  7. 55 Gallon Drum provider metro boston?

    Anyone know of a supplier local to Boston (preferrably south) that sells 55 gallon type drums for fuel? Thanks, JC
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