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  1. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    where the heck is this posted, I haven't seen it in this thread. If it is some kind of secret squirrel thing can some one PM me?
  2. Briefcase Gun!

    A MA legal briefcase gun, you can buy the trigger assembly and SBR this thing? $1500 no paperwork and another $800 in parts, $200 stamp and good to go? View:
  3. Kids of yesteryear had the best toys!

    I have a childhood friend who caught one of those with a glancing blow to the head, a couple inches away from a direct hit. She still has quite a scar that she covers with her hair style. I was pissed when they recalled the Water Wiggle And my mom took mine away.
  4. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    Will I have to lock up empty 1 liter soda bottles now?
  5. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    Pander - verb pan·der ˈpan-dər pandered; pandering ˈpan-d(ə-)riŋ Synonyms of pander : to act as a pander especially : to provide gratification for others' desires films that pander to the basest emotions
  6. Sen. Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill to Ban 205 ‘Assault Weapons’

    I keep forgetting that she is still alive. Is the death pool still open?
  7. Scope for .44 mag Henry rifle?

    I don't know what I want, this looks like a good suggestion, I'm looking for a woods gun with 100 yd max maybe 150. I will check this out
  8. Scope for .44 mag Henry rifle?

    I've made the decision to get a .44 mag lever action rifle from Henry, thanks to all in the Lever Gun thread. Given the state of my vision, I need optics, iron sites don't work for me anymore. I was thinking a 4x scope, I'm overly price sensitive. A quick look at ballistic charts have me...
  9. Guns that never should have been discontinued

    Ruger Deerfield (gen2), mag fed 44 mag rifle. Sold mine, grrr....
  10. Guns that never should have been discontinued

    Dan Wesson 44 mag pistol pack, a revolver with interchangeable 2,4,6 and 8 in barrel
  11. Any advice where to buy an o/u shotgun on North Shore?

    @maltc Drive to Kittery Trading Post in ME, they have a good used selection. See if they still have "the NH location" to make the purchase to avoid the sales tax, I've done this myself a couple of time.
  12. Prince Harry gives up £50K rifle collection and hunting 'to please Meghan Markle'

    And he thinks he’s the only guy in the world with a screwy family…but it takes a special scumbag to rat out your family. I’m just glad my 4th great grandfather helped kick is 6th great grandfather back across the pond.
  13. Called out for not wearing a mask

    @Bigfudge16 using these for 2 years, if they pretend they work, I pretend to wear one. Note, doesn’t work with a beard, the hair sticks through
  14. More police protecting and serving

    Sing along time: Qualified Immunity is not for you, it's just for me View:
  15. Miami Vice is alive and well with Canik

    I’m still waiting for my Bren Ten mags,
  16. I'm completely confused...glock 47

    It's not the updated model of the Glock 7? :)
  17. changing gun trends

    Changing trends, in the 1990s I had lots of normal friends interested in my gun safety class in the 2020s all that’s left are friends that are gun stoopid, that I don’t want to teach
  18. School me on .44 magnum

    I have shot 44 mag for about 25 years and have found reloading very helpful to adjust the load to the events. I went hog hunting with my 629 8" (buddy backing me up with shotgun slugs if things got interesting) and it is a fun range round downloaded. I find the 460 and 500 a bit to much to...
  19. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Some people just won't give up: BPS mulling temporary mask mandate following holiday break
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