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  1. New Acquisitions for February 2021

    @Ryan188 Nice rifle! What is that attached to the bottom of the mag? I haven't seen that before.
  2. Ruger SR1911

    Oh, nice pic. The lighting is spot on.
  3. Ruger SR1911

    I'm somewhat confused by your post, but intrigued at the same time.
  4. New acquisitions November 2020-Firearms only

    @Roland Deschain How do you like this rifle? My club is putting in a 300 yrd range and Savage's 110 elite precision in 6.5 Creedmoor is on my short list.
  5. New Acquisitions June 2020 - Firearms Only

    I finally got all the parts in for a G19 build.
  6. BEC0052

    Stunning! The melt work is genius.
  7. New Acquisitions February 2020 - Firearms Only!

    I bought gen 4 .45 G41 with Holosun RDS and took it to the range today to zero. Glock design is boring, BUT they are easy to clean, reliable, and this gun is an absolute tack driver. This is my first go with a Holosun. It advertises 10 yr battery life while always on, and has a built in...
  8. Rebuilt an old G34

    Holy smokes. Awesome work.
  9. New Acquisitions March 2019

    The Shield dots are hard to find right now because they just upgraded the lens to be more durable. I had one on order from Optics planet that went to 2 to 3 months backorder. I contacted Shield and ordered one directly from them, they price matched, and I received it in less than a week...
  10. New Acquisitions March 2019

    I acquired this in February but had slide work done and just received the optic. Love the Shield RMSc - big, crystal clear lens, and a perfect dot.
  11. New Acquisitions March 2018

    Sweet! Is that considered as a SBR, or a pistol?
  12. New Acquisitions March 2018

    Yes. Alex is a great guy. It's grey, not all black, so it is much less dangerous. Optic is Vortex Strike Eagle 1x6 Vortex Optics - Strike Eagle 1-6x24 AR-BDC
  13. New Acquisitions March 2018

    My new Sig MCX Virtus Patrol with Venom Defense titanium muzzle compensator. I purchased this at Minuteman Armament in Littleton, Ma. It was my first purchase from them, and I will be back. The price was reasonable, he answered all of my questions quickly, and the service was really fast...
  14. New Acquisitions January 2018

    The font looks wrong. Every FJA stamp I've seen has a hooked "J". And from what I've read, Remington never used diamonds in there inspection stamps. But who knows.
  15. New Acquisitions January 2018

    Nice find. Given the serial number it was a "must own".
  16. New Acquisitions January 2018

    I finally purchased a Smith Corona 1903A3 that I've been itching to own for years. I did a complete detail strip, and cleaned and inspected every part. All of the parts are correct for Smith Corona except for the trigger guard/magazine and the magazine follower. I plan on replacing these with...
  17. New Acquisitions for January 2017 (Happy New Year! )

    Picked up a Glock 17 for me, and a Sig P238 for my wife. Looking forward to range day next weekend.
  18. M1 Garand and D-Day Tribute "Ike's Gamble"

    Fantastic work
  19. My version of a R1 Enhanced 1911

    Sweet. Nice work!
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