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  1. Slide for Glock 17 Gen5

    Check Big Tex. They have Gen 5 slides available.
  2. Caspian or Colt, or both?

    What @whatluck said. If you’re stuck between leaving it alone and doing a full custom build, opt for the middle. Send it for a day at the spa and then shoot the hell out of it. It’ll be a great gun either way. There are a lot of great smiths and you could just do sights, barrel/bushing, and...
  3. Caspian or Colt, or both?

    If you do choose this, it’s 100% worth the money and time.
  4. Caspian or Colt, or both?

    Franken1911. This combination is not uncommon however. Colts are known for a sloppier slide to frame fit. If you google “colt caspian 1911” and do images you’ll find many other like it. The original owner probably figured it was cheaper to buy the Caspian frame and have it fit, rather than make...
  5. Compensator for a post-ban MA rifle, .223 and quiet?

    I have the BCM mod 0 and I love it. And yes, mass legal.
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