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  1. Illegal Data Release Massachusetts

    We don't know that. There is a chance that a low level IT person was given the task to delete private data, and didn't realize an index to the name record would allow mapping to real names with only rudimentary tech skills. Comm2A has received LTC data dumps in the past where that key was...
  2. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    Ban LTCs for those under 21 when noone with an LTC under 21 had caused any problems.
  3. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    Right .... and 07FFL w/SOT.
  4. New MA AG/Sen. Moore proposing silencer ban update

    If passed, this could be used to strengthen arguments that when the legislature refers to "as defined by federal law" (like in the MA AWB), that such definition was done with intent and has meaning.
  5. Trade in value info

    It really is a love it or hate it place.
  6. Trade in value info

    Another option is consignment, which may not do as well as a private sale but better than a shop buying outright. Fours Seasons charges 18%, and will sometimes go to 15% on very expensive guns or large collections. You set the price which is why you sometime see excessively hopeful pricing on...
  7. RMR, optic, Red Dot for a Glock?

    The iPhones wear out so quickly the crowds line up whenever a new model is introduced.
  8. RMR, optic, Red Dot for a Glock?

    It was not the soldiers on our side who were complaining. The other side apparently would prefer to be taken off the board in a woke manner.
  9. RMR, optic, Red Dot for a Glock?

    Yeah, but only Trijicon comes with a bible reference engraved on each unit - which apparently was considered uncool when the US military was operating in Muslim nations.
  10. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    SBRs require an LTC in MA, plus the federal Form 1 or Form 4 as appropriate. No date cutoff like the 1986 Hughes amendment passed on a questionable voice vote. And the federal paperwork is technically not a "license" but "registration", and the federal charge for not having your papers in...
  11. Gold and silver prices are down

    Wow - priced on the 'real value' rather than artificaly low 'market value'. Sounds like something you'd hear from a deluded seller in a declining real estate market.
  12. Travel out of Logan with suppressors

    When I travel my guns are secured to the frame of the luggage by a plastic coated steel cable and decent quality padlock. Unless the handler had a bolt cutter or grinder, the gun is not getting pocketed. I have never heard of someone transiting Logan having the police called for a "legality...
  13. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    You have and own the EFT file now that you have downloaded it. This is not like "owning" a paid movie on Netflix or Amazon where your account must be active to access what you "own".
  14. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    Thanks for the correction.
  15. Given up on my LGS

    It also assumes everything is perfect - no crimped in primes, perfectly conditioned brass, every bullet placed perfectly on the brass before pulling the handle, etc. The claimed speeds (DIllon once mentioned Rob Leatham doing something like 900 in an hour on a 1050) were likely achieved with...
  16. Given up on my LGS

    And to think I was annoyed during the first great primer shortage when the shop broke open the cases and sold them in units of 1000. Word of the shortage was just starting to spread, so I said "I'll take the SR primers". How many? I meant I will take the primers - all of them plus any you...
  17. Living without a refrigerator

    "Waste backet or waistline" - Dr. William Castelli
  18. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    When there is a criminal shooting, there is often a trace of the gun looking for any violation that occurred anywhere in the process. You frequently see this in mass shooting cases where they go on a scavenger hunt for additional people to blame (to balance the scales - as Al Pacino said in...
  19. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    I believe Saxonville Armory exists, but currently deals only with other FFLs.
  20. Ex-Gang Member From Chicago Claims The Govt Drops Crates Full Of Guns & Bullets In Black Hoods

    That I once had a paranoid co-worker? (good guy, very competent at his job)
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