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  1. We should be making plans

    Strain relief is the way to go but mine is strung between two really BIG trees with some slack in the wire and it has been up for 5 years. Its a modified G5RV about 40 feet up and with a tuner, I can load up just about anywhere.
  2. New ham

    The ARRL usually sends out a congratulation message through the National Traffic System. It usually says something like congratulations on your new callsign or something to that effect call the guy back and he will read it to you.
  3. Taunton Man Electrocuted While Removing Antenna

    3 phase I think around 17,000 volts pretty much unlimited amps. He was a human fuse, at least it was quick.
  4. Mic PPT button

    There's always the hammer option.
  5. Northeast HamXposition @ Marlboro 2021 - Sept 10-12

    The last few years have been really disappointing, I don't even think about going anymore. No deals, same lame junk at the flea. It's just not worth the gas to drive there anymore.
  6. We should be making plans

    It kind of went south. Only a few people wanted to be on the list and others wanted to use different bands or frequencies or modes. So we could never get more than a few people at a time to get on the air.
  7. We should be making plans

  8. We should be making plans

    Thanks for your advice, you have proven my point!
  9. We should be making plans

    Yeah, rules for thee, not for me. F the rules, everyone else does it. My friend, that attitude is why there is a problem. So just screw all the people that worked hard to get their legal license. Stupidest post so far today but it's early yet.
  10. We should be making plans

    I had one of those buckmaster OCF dipoles years ago. It didn't radiate worth a damn. It loaded up ok but nobody heard me. It was a pretty good RX antenna though. If you have enough room, go with either a G5RV or a ZS6BKW variant. They work much better.
  11. We should be making plans

    Ok, that says a lot. NES may in fact be on the list. Without any formal plans as of yet, if it does go down, I will be on 3905.0 at noon. If we stay up, proceed as we were and PM me your info, I will do my best to come up with a schedule of frequencies and times.
  12. We should be making plans

    As the list gets populated, I will ask each person if they would be willing to do something like this. If they are ok with it, I will attempt to put the techs in touch with a nearby ham that has the license. So if you don't have a call, include your location in your PM. If you do have a call, I...
  13. We should be making plans

    I don't know what I can do, VHF and UHF are line of sight unless you use a repeater. Repeaters need grid power and can be easily jammed. They just don't work for this type of emergency comms scenario. My suggestion would be to upgrade. 75m is the ideal band for local (within a couple of hundred...
  14. We should be making plans

    Ok, John and I were able to confirm that 75m SSB is a good way for us to communicate. So any hams that have the ability (general or better license and sideband rigs), PM me with your callsign and QTH. I will reply with a list of times and frequencies we will meet on in the event NES goes down or...
  15. We should be making plans

    I am open to suggestions.
  16. We should be making plans

    120 feet of wire and a couple of trees and you are QRV!
  17. We should be making plans

    John has a long moustache!
  18. We should be making plans

    I think VHF is too easily jammed by some libtard. We would have to use a repeater. HF is less prone to that and would encompass a greater area. Unfortunately tech class would not be able to participate. There seems to be a somewhat large group of NES people on HF who could disseminate...
  19. We should be making plans

    Ok, so the commies are going batshit crazy banning people and even entire avenues of communication in efforts to silence us. The rumors are that they are even attempting to coerce hosting sites to remove domains thereby killing web forums. It's time to have some contingencies in place in the...
  20. Near-Fest Idiocy

    I met this guy once at Deerfield, he is an ass!
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