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  1. Looking for a knife recommendation
  2. Tulsi - Movement on the 2nd amendment

    I don't trust her, she's a politician. And what does she mean by & more?
  3. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    Well this just sucks
  4. who to use for reference

    So, not me then...?
  5. Reasonable 9mm pistol accuracy

    Yes, it just requires practice, and not letting too much time pass between training.
  6. How much "gun" do you EDC?

    To each his own. I carry a sig p365 + 1 extra mag in summer, G19 + 1 extra mag in winter (both mags are 15 rounders). Plus 2 knives. I think an extra mag is important. I've had the base plate fall out of one during a competition. Would hate for that to happen in a SD situation without a spare.
  7. MA Compliant CZ 75?

    Yup, the roster is as meaningless as the people who maintain it.
  8. Boston globe Mill article

    Lots of nervous Karens in Littleton. So the Mill's been there for what 4-5 years give or take. How has that impacted crime in Littleton, or Mass? Not at all, end of story.
  9. Red dot on a carry pistol - worth it to mill a slide or nah?

    My vision is getting worse so I put a red dot on everything. So worth it for me. Also night vision back up irons on defensive pistols are a must IMHO.
  10. 775 Yard to the Moose. Do you take that shot?

    ...and then drag it back. lol
  11. ATF launches new anonymous tip app

    Somebody should report that Erik Holder sent thousands of guns into Mexico illegally

    I agree.
  13. goa membership

    Same here
  14. Guestimates on cost for rail mount/scope install

    I'm in the same boat. I just bought a PRS rifle and this will be my first time mounting a scope. I bought this tool to assist. It's not cheap but I imagine I'll need to mount a scope or two in the future, and I prefer to do things myself whenever possible.
  15. Is the Mill famous?

    It wouldn't matter, anti-gunners are going to anti-gun regardless. F her and the Globe
  16. Massachusetts Reciprocity

    Completely agree. Never going to happen. There's a better chance of more states adopting constitutional carry than MA recognizing any states
  17. Black Helicopters over Narragansett no markings not on FlightAware

    Brandon's probably sneaking in more IA's
  18. Price check on pre-ban bushmaster dissipator?

    Best to read the rules before you go fishing. IBTL
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