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  1. Low profile retention holster

    This guy might have somethin-
  2. Savage Arms makes a 1911? Who knew?

    I'll see your ugly as shit cocking serrations and raise scales
  3. 10mm or 45 ACP

    Mash both together .40 Super .400 Corbon
  4. Savage Arms makes a 1911? Who knew?

    It was an ugly contest
  5. Savage Arms makes a 1911? Who knew?

    I think Savage lost the bid to Colt for the .gov contract for 1911's about 100 years ago? Could be mistaken. Not sure why they weren't contracted for the war effort like Remington was.
  6. FN is finally getting their act together!

    So......... From the website- Operation: DOUBLE ACTION, STRIKER FIRED Thats a tough sell. Odd considering its a striker fired. I see a slide release and a takedown lever. So how does the striker not lock back after loading a mag and chambering a round? Trigger Pull: 5.5 - 7.7 lbs I'm guessing...
  7. Cheap ammo accuracy

    Like at 200 yds or 10 feet. Let me know if its at 200 so I can back out.
  8. Cheap ammo accuracy

    If your goal is to sink several into an 8" X 11" zone, then no. A hits a hit. If you want a baseball sized group at 200+, then yes, ammo matters. You might get minuets of pie plate with the cheap stuff.
  9. What is the "minimum gun" you feel adequate carrying?

    Red Dots. Can't be to careful. A handgun is there, for you to get to your rifle. A tactical machete is there to get to your anti-tank weapons and rotary flamethrower. I'm the Juggernaut.
  10. What is the "minimum gun" you feel adequate carrying?

    Any gun you carry is not enough gun. Ever. Thats why I carry a Machete. With a red dot on it. And it has a bayonet. Tomahawk as a backup. Feel adequate carrying? I'm the goddam boogeyman.
  11. What is the "minimum gun" you feel adequate carrying?

    At least once a month But caliber usually devolves into Shield EZ vs. Hipoint. So I have 6 of each. YEET!
  12. I'm completely confused...glock 47

    Glock is like the Iphone of the firearms industry.
  13. School me on .44 magnum

    Had one. Loaded for it. Was partial to the 265-300 gr range. Not much you can't do with it. Not exactly built for speed or rapid fire. Everybody assumes that the first shot is going to land where you want it to. Can you plant one in the killbox under duress? 10mm bottom fed was mentioned...
  14. New to NES MK-Tek Holsters

    Todd' s my go-to guy for left handed holsters. Good stuff
  15. Smith & Wesson sales off by 47% as demand for firearms drops

    I hear ya. Probably more "panic returns" now vs. "panic buying"
  16. Ford F-150 outfitted with ground missiles

    The "Ford Technical"
  17. Smith & Wesson sales off by 47% as demand for firearms drops

    Was anyone really expecting the panic buying of 2020 to continue? And really, how does a company out do itself when it invented the most lethal cartridge out there? That would be .40 Cal Smith And Wesson for you mouthbreathing types. .30 Super Carry you say? .30 Super-Duper Carry I say. And...
  18. Help me decide!

    I have a Ruger p.c. carbine. Honestly it just plain-jane utilitarian. Nothing wrong with it, it works as advertised, its a bigger version of a 10/22. If I had to get another semi auto p.c.c., I'll get an upper for an a.r., it just fits me better and theres more options. Maybe something with a...
  19. carry ammo

    Wait a minute..................... You guys carry.......................LOADED GUNZ!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
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