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  1. Polymer 80 frames, etc.

    I may have seen one built out and tested this past weekend. Quality seems great but i dont have anything to compare it to. The “milling” to finish it is a joke. A 5 year old could do it and result in a functioing firearm in 10 mins. From the research I did it seems one of the biggest...
  2. Recommendations for hunting books?

    Look up books by Steve Rinella. He has a volume 1 for big game and 2 for small game. Lots of good info on hunting, meat care, cooking etc. Pretty decent starting point IMO.
  3. MA Gun Registration

    I did the same thing after the MA "laws" were reinterpreted. I have 2 guns listed by the state to me that i have never heard of or owned a gun like it. I think getting the list from the state may have some valie to some people but it is pretty useless other than some general info for someone...
  4. the mill in littleton directory

    A number of guys posted names of who to speak to on my 1911. Thanks to you all. I’ll make some calls today and tomorrow.
  5. the mill in littleton directory

    I'll make some calls but I thought someone in this thread may know. I know a few of the dealers at the mill but don't know which ones do basic gunsmithing work. I have a Colt 1911A1 (series 80) that I need a front sight installed and staked. Any thoughts on which dealers at the mill may do this...
  6. Do you still have your first gun?

    First 2 I ever bought were about the same time. A Remmington 870 express and a "bubba" Enfield. Both are still in the safe. I use the 870 still for deer and turkeys but the Enfield hasn't seen the light of day outside of the safe in about 10 years now.
  7. Woburn Turkeys

    I certainly won't try that, especially with the toms. They will kick the crap out of you with those spurs and possibly cut you up. I think they are a little tougher than you might think if it came to hand to neck combat.
  8. Woburn Turkeys

    I have the same group of 5 big old toms in my yard (west side of Woburn) almost every day. They do peck at the neighbors car, mostly in the spring during mating season, they see their shadow and think it's another turnkey. The ones around me are not aggressive, good thing for them as I have no...
  9. small caliber keyholes

    I had the same thing on my Colt 1911 and my handloads which were on the lower end of the powder range. I thought it was key holing from an unstable bullet. I changed to a different target and didn't have the issue anymore so it was the target that was tearing a certain way. Originally it was...
  10. Remington 870 express ejector replacement

    Well I finally found an ejector, bought the tools and started the job today. I got the old extractor and rivets out with only minor damage to the receiver. Got the new ejector staked and completed. Now I am waiting 3 more days (eBay) for the new ejector spring to arrive and then I can stake...
  11. 1911 front sight staking

    Did you have the correct tool or did you improvise with something else?
  12. 1911 front sight staking

    I’ll give Lou a call, thanks! I thought about JB Weld but thought i should probably have it done properly :)
  13. 1911 front sight staking

    Does anyone know of a gun smith near Woburn that can stake the front sight post on a Colt 1911a1? I bought the sight and watch the video about staking it. The tool is about $70 and I have never done it before so I thought I'd see what it would cost for a gunsmith to do it. I checked with a...
  14. Woodchuck with a .177 pellet rifle???

    A clean head shot from my 177 pellet gun at about 1200fps at 20-25 yards has dropped quite a few in my yard over the years.
  15. Remington 870 express ejector replacement

    The rivets and the staking tool set are not the issue. I can't find the actual ejector anywhere.
  16. Remington 870 express ejector replacement

    The other unicorn I cannot find is a Star B extractor (and maybe the spring). Same deal, searched everywhere for it but no go as of yet. I'll continue to look. At least I have 2 of them so at least one of them shoots :)
  17. Remington 870 express ejector replacement

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. I am still searching but definitely not finding it anywhere. If either of you have one I'd definitely buy it off you!! It's a right hand model 12ga that takes 2 3/4 and 3" shells. Looks like this is the part best I can tell...
  18. Remington 870 express ejector replacement

    So, the ejrctor broke on my 30+ year old 870 express. I have seen the videos on replacing the ejector and/or the ejector spring. I know they are riveted directly into the receiver but was planning to do the work myself anyway. I can find the rivets and the tool set from Brownells for staking...
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