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  1. When can you pull out your firearm?

    Similar personalities.
  2. M1A's in Mass - Flash Suppressors / Bayo Lug Question

    I believe that you are right. My M1A was purchased about a month prior to the effective 9/13/94 ban date. It has a bayonet lug.
  3. Can my wife sell my gun?

    My first inclination without looking it up is no because it's in your name. If I'm wrong, Len or Mike will slap me upside my head. OTOH, since it's in your name, maybe the ATF will call it a straw sale; not a straw buy. Only kidding. [laugh]
  4. Maine & NH on just an MA LTC?

    Mike, I wasn't trying to make it a "big issue." I only added it in case Don missed it earlier in the thread, so no need for the drama about "going into the forest" being illegal.
  5. Maine & NH on just an MA LTC?

    Another big issue in addition to duty to inform is that carrying in a ME state park and Arcadia National Park is not allowed w/o license.
  6. Fillable PDF LTC Application

    An NES member, I think he was an attorney, was working on one a few years ago, but I don't know if he ever completed it. I came across this one a few months ago, but didn't look at it close enough to see if it's designed to meet different criteria that cities/towns may have or if it's even...
  7. 50 year old charge

    I guess that this is your best chance to figure it out before presenting it to a judge. What would be more expensive for the client, researching additional words by the same writer or taking a chance that a judge disagrees? I guess that's a decision your client needs to make.
  8. 50 year old charge

    Have a hand writing expert look at it, although I would think that the expert would have to see more letters than one written by the same person.
  9. 50 year old charge

    It's still a strange looking G. Convince the judge it's a screwed up A for acquittal. [smile]
  10. 50 year old charge

    Again, if a G, what would it stand for?
  11. 50 year old charge

    If it were a G, what would the G stand for? Has to be a D; too strange looking for a G.
  12. Glock mag ambi cut pre ban status

    What Len is stating is that Glock never manufactured a pre-ban mag with two notches.
  13. LTC Question - Moving in Massachusetts

    You're right, Jack. How many times have people mentioned that don't know about the online form asked what to write in the letter? Just put the online form in a sticky and point them in the right direction. Print it out. Fill it out. Send by certified mail. KISS
  14. LTC Question - Moving in Massachusetts

    This issue about using the online form that is not a requirement has been mentioned many times. It is just simpler and more accurate to print out the online form and fill it out than it is to write or type your own letter.
  15. Moved out of MA, how do I properly record that my firearms are out of the state?

    The OP said that he didn't know what to say in his letter, so I just thought using the form would make it easier for him to just fill in the blanks, rather than trying to type or write something out. He also indicated that he was going to apply for a NR license, so using the form just shows...
  16. Moved out of MA, how do I properly record that my firearms are out of the state?

    ...or, he can use the attached form in post #15 to make it easier to accomplish the same thing. [grin]
  17. Moved out of MA, how do I properly record that my firearms are out of the state?

    Criminal History Systems Board (CHSB). You don't need to say anything. Just fill out the attached form and mail one copy to the FRB (Firearms Record Bureau) and one copy to the police department that issued the license. Add your "move to" NH address in the space on the form so that they know...
  18. They finally put it in writing!

    The message says prior to 7/20/16. If anyone bought an AR on 7/20/16, then they are left with Maura's threat of changing her mind, making anything bought on 7/20/16 illegal. Oh wait, anything after 1994 or is it 1998, is also subject to being illegal if Maura wakes up on the wrong side of the...
  19. Using 1980 mags 13 round that have "LE only" in ma

    1980 might be the model number of the mag.
  20. LTC/FID and access to firearm question

    Almost as good as a CheyTac Intervention in .408. [smile]
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