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  1. Tips and accessories for gunsmithing w/milling machine?

    what's the best way to make the slide side cuts some type of saw, using a mill? you need one of those.
  2. Tips and accessories for gunsmithing w/milling machine?

    And sometimes it takes even longer to think of the design of the fixture than to build it.
  3. Let’s build Brit bullpup SA80

    Very interesting. Now I have some research to do. I picked up a Armalite AR180B with the polymer frame that takes ar15 Magazines. So that was my comment on AR180 two versions. I had no idea on the rest. On the dwell time, is it just a function length the bolt moves relative to amount it...
  4. Let’s build Brit bullpup SA80

    How does the ar180 fit in? you mention near photos of the diffrent bolts shown. what's common, didn't ar180 have 2 generations. I love this since not an AR.
  5. When to register your AR15

    I have the same situation, bought two lowers in the Delaware group buy here2 years ago and transferred them through FS. Funny thing there must have been some left over garbage on the screen because the model is listed as “sharps 15” which is not correct, there is no model or caliber on lower...
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