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  1. Lend a hand please

    Bro I bought Bitcoin in 2012……….. 🤔
  2. Lend a hand please

    I understand that this forum is probably all you have in your pathetic existence you call your life. Keep on marching my little soldier.😃
  3. Lend a hand please

    Uh oh, someone’s having a bad day! Thank you for calling me a dink, judging by your responses you’re a word that rhymes with bunt! Be well 😃
  4. Lend a hand please

    when I was growing up in the cold Alaskan tundra the first gun my father handed to me was a .44 mag desert eagle. Ripped my wrist off completely, go figure. I now have no right hand and am forced to shoot with my feet. Sure, I now have the foot dexterity of a full grown chimpanzee, but at what...
  5. Lend a hand please

    Thank you for all the kind words and suggestions! But I think we found us a winner 🤤 🤤 🤤
  6. Lend a hand please

    My brother is a resident of a free state (lucky dog) and is finally going to scratch the firearms itch…Talk about a guy who is CLUELESS about guns, he’s coming to little bro for some guidance (how the turn tables have turned). Anywho, I kinda want to steer him into a S&W M&P10…Why? I don’t know...
  7. Am I crazy?

    Does the manufacturer of the lower reaaalllly matter? I bought a cheap Anderson complete Lower, I plan on a new trigger job with some other small upgrades. But, as long as my upper is of high quality, does it matter? I’m new to the AR platform so please be nice. Thank you -SmoothDataDan
  8. Laser engraving services ?!

    Anyone offer this service around here or would that be something I’d have to ship out 😒 I wanna do something on my AR lower wondering if I can go local. Thank you
  9. Fixed Stock Question

    I was wondering if anybody had input or creative ideas for a fixed stock. I want to put something around it or jerry rig something but I’m not sure what would be useful to have on it. I don’t know if I am making any sense, but I’m looking to add more function to the firearm… Thanks!
  10. S&W CSX Question

    I didn’t want to make a WTB post, because I really want to hold it before I make a decision…Anyone know of shops in the north shore MA area who might be getting one of these soon? Looks really cool, I am interested for sure.
  11. Sig Sauer Question

    I wanted to get my FCU back to “factory new”. It has an apex flat trigger job (previous owner did it). I want it to be with all Sig OEM parts including curved trigger. Would they allow me to send it to them or should I just go to a reputable shop? I know it might sound overboard but I like the...
  12. P320 Threaded Barrel Question

    Hmmm…Sounds like a call to Sig tomorrow will finalize my decision. Appreciate the information, I’ll bring this with me when I call. Thank you sir.
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