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  1. I guess I'm "maturing" as a pistol reloader.

    I clean primer pockets. I figure anything worth doing is worth doing all the way. Besides I have lots of time on my hands
  2. Leaking powder

    Rude, Rude, Rude
  3. Cleaning Help Please!!

    OK guys, here's my problem. I just bought a used Marlin 30/30 with Micro Groove rifling. After 2 days of cleaning I think I finally got the copper fouling out of her but the carbon just keeps coming. Are there any tricks or chemicals I can try to get this carbon out? I'd really like to get her...
  4. 40s&w

    Same here except for 2400, never tried it
  5. What type of scale do you use while reloading?

    LMAO [rofl] [laugh] [laugh2] [smile]
  6. 38 spl/357 mag loads

    My .357 load is 6 gr Bullseye under a 158 gr lswc and I get no leading what so ever in a 4" model 19 Smith
  7. OAL of 185gr. SWC not making sense to me in .45

    My recipe is 200 gr lswc over 4.5 gr Bullseye with an oal of 1.260 that will give you about 850 to 875 fps. I forget the pressure but it's a good safe plinkin load I promise you that
  8. .45ACP Reloads

    I load a 200 gr LRN over 4.5 gr of Bullseye
  9. Reloading Output Speed

    I agree with you and I also use a Lee press and have had no problems at all. besides all these dillon guys with they'er 400 rounds an hour..... well I don't want to sell the rounds, I want to shoot them I enjoy reloading I'm in no hurry
  10. Reloading Output Speed

    Talking to a dillon owner is like talking to a Harley Davidson rider about motor cycles or talking to a glock owner about guns all 3 will say the same thing. "Theres nothing to talk about mine is the best"
  11. Reloading Output Speed

    Lee also has a lifetime warranty
  12. Need help ordering new press

    Just say brass
  13. Disposal of botched reloads

    Pull em
  14. Bore Cleaner

    Thanks Guys
  15. Bore Cleaner

    What do you guys think is the best bore cleaner out there for guys that shoot lead?
  16. Reloading Output Speed

    Dillon equipment saves time, I'll give you that. But they're prices are absolutely ridiculous
  17. Proposed Idiot Law/NJ

    Your right just leave it to the boys in Jersey.
  18. My new favorite .45 load.

    I load a 200 gr LRN bullet over 4.5 gr Bullseye. It's a nice Plinkin load
  19. Shipping powder and primers to Massachusetts

    I pay about $25.00 a pound here in Jersey
  20. Reloading Output Speed

    I'm on a Lee turret press and I do about 150 an hour. Pistol that is. I reload .45acp .357 .40S&W and 9mm
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