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  1. WTT/WTS Primers for PS5

    Bump - all prices reduced, bounty on a PS5 increased to your pick of 12K primers. New In Box, Open Box, fell off a truck, bought on eBay and you have a screenshot you can share, don't care.
  2. WTT/WTS Primers for PS5

    Location : Central RI Description : Following are available. Not looking to sell the whole lot. Prices based on GB / comparable. If prices seem high, go ahead and grab a PS5 to trade & take your pick of any 12K. 8K Federal 100 SPP - $150 / K 2K Federal Large Pistol - $150 / K 2K Federal...
  3. Jury reaches verdict in killing of Kate Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco

    The shooter actually claimed he didn’t even know it was a gun when he picked it up and that it just went off when he picked it up. Shitty work by the prosecutor to not put more holes in that story. The way many stories still call him an “undocumented immigrant” really grinds my gears. He’s...
  4. Best typo I've read in a long time

    Jesus still in jail a year later?
  5. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    If you use the Tapatalk app to access the forum you will not be enjoying it the way it is meant to be enjoyed. Rather than let you do it wrong, admins are making sure you use the site the right way. Users just don’t know what’s best for them sometimes.
  6. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    Seems like the folks running the forums have this figured out already. Using Tapatalk you’re not enjoying the forum the way they want you to. So by removing that tool they will make sure you get the experience they want you to have, instead of the experience you want to have. /This response...
  7. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    This is mobile friendly version comrade. Site admins have determined this is all you need and you do not need to use Tapatalk to access site.
  8. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    The main website has always worked on my phone. What it did not do, and still does not do, is provide the quality of experience that Tapatalk does. That may not be important to you, but it is to me.
  9. ***NES Forum Upgrade 11/18/2017***

    Still not working on Tapatalk? Any ETA?
  10. Jeffrey Lovell: fatal Chicopee shooting - indicted for manslaughter

    Hopefully someone points out to them that midday robberies and home invasions are pretty common since the house is usually empty or only occupied by the wife.
  11. Super Redhawk 10MM

    Some people compete with revolvers, and its a lot easier to break a 3 second reload with moonclips than speed loaders. For non-rimmed rounds like the 10mm it also eliminates head spacing issues that would come if you were using the case mouth to headspace the cartridge. And for rimmed rounds...
  12. Super Redhawk 10MM

    Since the gun is cut for moonclips, a benefit many are overlooking is you can shoot .40 in this too. That’s cheap for reloaders and those using factory ammo. But it’s a Ruger so that sucks. I shoot a lot of moonclip guns and have never had this issue even with dirty powders.
  13. 1911 in .380

    Colt stopped making the Mustang because they’re a bunch of dim witted **** nuts. Since Sig brought it back with the P238, Colt has restarted production to ride the wave.
  14. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    You know who the anonymous gun owner in the vid is?
  15. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    Notice the rat they interviewed has a slide fire on his AK? Ought to dox him and drop a dime when the time comes that the clock strikes midnight and it turns into a machine gun.
  16. What striker fired gun?
  17. What striker fired gun?

    The VP9 fails the mallet test - in fact it was the repeat of that test on the P320 that led to the P320 recall. HK continues to deny any issues with the VP9 because you suck and they hate you. /It’s also well known that I only troll on Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays.
  18. What striker fired gun?

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