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  1. Marlboro Jan 28 & 29- 500 TABLES!

    Ooooooh! Awfully tempting with that $2 off admin price. All I can see is the old fisherman dangling $2 coupon at the front door. I also showered today, so too close to go this weekend.
  2. Safe got soaked and destroyed a lot of ammo. How do I get rid of it?

    Go to a local laundromat and toss it in a dryer. This way, you can destroy their machine and your wife won’t get mad for destroying yours. Plus, it will be on the news and then we can have a new thread with an actual screen name to go with the “who did it.” This idea is super cool and stuff and...
  3. Apparently, Cubby Linski has been a busy little beaver.

    Busy shaving his beaver, he has no man genitalia.
  4. Given up on my LGS

    You were better off telling your wife, she prolly would have listened more than here.
  5. Ex-Gang Member From Chicago Claims The Govt Drops Crates Full Of Guns & Bullets In Black Hoods

    Dropping firearms and allowing a flow of fentanyl into the veins of America, I wouldn’t put it past anyone to do so.
  6. Dog rescues

    My best guess was she was left alone a lot, in a crate. Possessions turn into obsessions for lonely dogs. You can break it, just a huge quantity of time is needed to reverse it, by the teaspoon.
  7. New Office of Gun Safety Enforcement

    Another day of F’ you to her and all politicians.
  8. Marlin 39A

    Don’t pass on it!
  9. Tulsi - Movement on the 2nd amendment

    Two enemies of firearms….. Rust and POLITICIANS
  10. identified ammo

    Dangerous to posses, I will take it off your hands. Don’t listen to the crazy talk above.
  11. Gov. Maura Healey pledges to push for strong gun laws in Massachusetts

    Phew……for a second there, she sounded like a politician in an echo chamber. 🤔🤪
  12. armslist, etc., now i need schooling, please

    Naked, put pistol in chest holster, trench coat and go to nearest busy intersection or small rotary and really expose it. You’ll get tons of attention and some giggle pointing.
  13. Shooting death of armed 20-year-old UMass student after mental health incident with police prompts protest

    They weren’t quoted as to being there; so definitely “what?”
  14. Trudeau, 3rd party will take guns.

    Statists, hiring statists to do the statists work, interesting.🤔
  15. Virginia police say 6-year-old student shot teacher at Newport News elementary school

    The Ebonics in Lynn have a different dialect, my deepest apologies.
  16. Rapper shot by police

    Must have misidentified his stomach Steinway for a dog.
  17. Virginia police say 6-year-old student shot teacher at Newport News elementary school

    “Dident du nuffin’s“ are getting even younger.
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