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  1. It's Friday!

    cat thread? CAT THREAD?!
  2. First time shooting new AR. Multiple FTFs

    a thin layer of spraypaint shouldn't cause that. lubricate the rifle properly, throw some on the buffer spring for giggles, and if that fails try loading the mags only to 28.
  3. Isosceles or Weaver stance

    when you troll the shit out of a thread don't be surprised when someone e-shits on you. it's not rocket science.
  4. Isosceles or Weaver stance

    jim needs to post videos of his superior shooting or he needs to STFU and to sit down when he pees. goddamn dude, enough ruining this thread already. go back to the trump leg-hump-fest where you belong.
  5. 2016 NES Spring Trigger Break photo thread

    that's not a crime. i thought this was america!?
  6. 2016 NES Spring Trigger Break photo thread

    i like turtles.
  7. Why can't I get good training like this?

    seems legit.
  8. PMAGS - M2 vs. M3

    not really. i've used and abused both my gen2 and gen3 mags and they all still work fine.
  9. Neighbors can seize your firearms?!?

    yeah, but wait until scott brown comes to town and then everyone on NES starts telling you that TX is just "MA south".
  10. 2016 NES Spring Trigger Break photo thread

    you must be a lot of fun at parties.
  11. Is this setup compliant in MA

    OP's goin' 'ta jail.
  12. One of my coworkers felt the BERN

    i lol'd. that's awesome.
  13. We need a catchy, derogatory term for high capacity mags that only hold 10 rounds.

    always used either retard or cripple mags to describe those abominations.
  14. What is up with stripped AR lowers, is the age to purchase 18 or 21?

    the bottom has totally fallen out of the AR market. if you plan on building one cheaper than the cheapest off the rack POS you're going to be building a real POS, OP.
  15. The day started great with alot of shooting then the hit by a car

    damn that sucks dude. i'm glad to hear she's doing OK at least. wishing her a speedy recovery.
  16. Leominster residents who were forced to let PD photograph tattoos for LTC

    quite possibly would be the answer to both. looks like GOAL is gonna find out though.
  17. Leominster residents who were forced to let PD photograph tattoos for LTC

    civilian employee who i believe is no longer at the department.
  18. Pre Ban?

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