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  1. Deals and steals

    Is there anywhere to buy more of the Molle internals to make this a two gun case?
  2. Deals and steals

    I need to find a first timer to get me a coupon.
  3. Deals and steals

    Has anyone taken advantage of this offer?
  4. AR .308 Lapping tool

    Yeah I think they are OOB. PTG cheapest shipping is $23+ for USPS Priority, damn.
  5. AR .308 Lapping tool

    Does anyone on here have a decent lapping tool. I am having a hard time finding one worth picking up.
  6. Deals and steals

    Are these kits any good? The price seems like a decent deal. Ultra Deal - G19 Gen 3 - ZPS.3 - RMR Cut - FREE PF940c and FREE LPK!
  7. Book worm thread?

    Got my copy of "In The Blood" on Saturday. It was officially released yesterday.
  8. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread @enbloc @Soundwave
  9. finally applied for c&r

    No prints needed for 03 C&R. Mine came back within a few weeks.
  10. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Mine arrived yesterday. no ammo just Otis cleaning kit, rem oil.
  11. Black Rifle Coffee Condemns Kyle Rittenhouse, May Dump Sponsorship Of Media Defending Him

    I usually stay local with my coffee. I buy Armeno sometimes Red Barn but Armeno has better pricing.
  12. Deals and steals

    10.3" 5.56 chrome lined barrel $80. I don't know about the quality but figured id share. 5.56 Barrel
  13. Deals and steals

    $89 MBT-2S back in stock at Alpine Rifle Supply MBT-2S
  14. Deals and steals

    Yup. Shipping was pretty quick even for First Class.
  15. Deals and steals

    MBT 2S arrived the morning. Not too bad for First Class mail fro UT.
  16. Deals and steals

    I got one of the last Larue MBT 2S for $89 not a huge deal. They do have a few various VG6 brakes for a good deal. Alpine Rifle Supply
  17. New Firearm Acquisition for December 2021

    I like this no frills SBR. I think the VG6 logo on the brake is supposed to be in the 6 O'Clock position.
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