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  1. Would a 10mm Magnum revolver interest you?

    So no single shot revolvers
  2. RI "high" capacity magazine ban lawsuit question

    I'm not sure how much info I can give out, but the ruling is going to be sent to the circuit court of appeals. There is new co-council from NY v Bruen. There is more info, but I'm not sure what should be divulged as of yet.
  3. An FFL is in trouble for connecting AR upper and lower

    Can someone explain to me how the Girl who made a straw purchase is somehow the fault of the FFL
  4. RI "high" capacity magazine ban lawsuit question

    Nothing yet. Let me clarify that. Something is in the works, but nothing has been said out loud yet.
  5. Lever gun tips?

    Is that a dare?
  6. Lever gun tips?

    He'll blow up his gun and turn this thing around if you don't stop right now.
  7. RI "high" capacity magazine ban lawsuit question

    That's the date I've been told we will hear something. The judge assigned is anti-gun. Rumor is that he will let the new law stand and let it go to the supreme court who says they do not want to hear any more gun cases. If there are so many challenges to unjust gun laws maybe they need to put...
  8. How long can a dealer hold a gun in ri?

    I made that mistake once too. I went back after 7 days and they told me it was not approved yet. I said ''so you can let me have it since they failed to respond''. I was told no because their policy was to wait for them to be returned. They said their policy ''superseded the law''. I said...
  9. Price Check? Carl Gustafs 1915 M96

    I'll give you a buck three eighty for it.
  10. What would you do?

    Oh for f***s sake! Call the police and wait for help. Self help is not encouraged.
  11. Looking for internal diagram for h&a xL44/40 falling block shotgun

    Search here.
  12. 3D printing

  13. RI "high" capacity magazine ban lawsuit question

    I should have posted this earlier, but I had surgery shortly after I got that info. Here is a supplemental brief that was filed after the hearing. Plaintiff Supplemental Brief.pdf
  14. Scary and truthful facts about guns

    This might just scare you straight.
  15. RI LTC. Three months.

    I am pretty sure that they are held liable and have to personally pay a fine/penalty if they deny you without proper cause, but I can't find the law stating such.
  16. Looking for a Class 3/NFA shop around Holderness/Ashland NH

    Not sure if Skips in Bridgewater is or not, but I'm pretty sure Shooters outpost in Hooksett is.
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