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  1. Bloomberg ad on ‘Responsible Maine’ full of safety violations
  2. ATF changes rules affecting commercial ammunition manufacturers

    More on the same subject
  3. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    In an email today from Senator Richard Ross.... THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S RECENT GUN DECISION Recently, without public input or informing the legislature, Attorney General Maura Healey announced a significant new policy pertaining to gun ownership, and sent a notice to all licensed gun dealers...
  4. Container Full Of Assault Rifles And Grenade Launchers Headed To USA, Seized In Spain

    Someone should show this to AG Healy so she could learn what an "assault rifle" actually is.
  5. More CT gun laws would have prevented this.......

    Still no comment from Gov. Molloy on this incident in the Democrat utopia known as Bridgeport.
  6. Maggie Hassan gets ‘payback’ from out-of-state gun control groups
  7. 2016 MA State Elections - campaigning against Healey supporters

    Whenever a candidate I don't like is running unopposed, I leave that line blank. Opposing parties count blank lines on ballots. Example: Senator D is running unopposed and gets 2500 votes, winning the election. The opposing party finds 8000 votes were cast in the election, meaning 5500 voters...
  8. Why I carry a gun

  9. ‘Black Guns Matter’ Founder Is Taking on Gun Violence in a Way the Media Is Ignoring
  10. Maine private sale UBC
  11. Obama EO against gunsmiths

    Maybe the reason for the Obama - Healey meeting.
  12. Mossberg donation
  13. Anyone need a 1911 ?
  14. John Kerry - AC and Refridgerators bigger threat than ISIS

    Found over on
  15. Politician's Responses to AG Overeach

    Jim, Totally agree. This is total BS. I'm working on it Total abuse of power and a political stunt. I appreciate your support. Shawn Shawn Dooley State Representative, 9th Norfolk Medfield, Millis, Norfolk, Plainville, Walpole, & Wrentham. and from Senator Richard Ross Dear Jim...
  16. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers
  17. CA - Laws for thee, but not for me......

    Good catch. I missed that.
  18. CA - Laws for thee, but not for me......
  19. Patient, worker die in random shooting at Titusville hospital; gunman arrested

    Looks like random murder is becoming a nationwide "sport" like the "knockout game".
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