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  1. And they wonder why we need 30 round mags.

    They’re always harping on about requiring more training, maybe this is why.
  2. P P people, gun purchases

    Hopefully he was being literal and not hyperbolic.
  3. P P people, gun purchases

    This is only true if the conviction was after May 27, 1994 when the penalty for a first time DUI was increased to 2-1/2 years. Before that it was a misdemeanor.
  4. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Do you feel the same way about all issues SCOTUS takes?
  5. How do you consider powder temperature sensitivity when developing load data?

    Maybe mixing Win. WST and IMR 4895 would get a mix that has the same burn rate at all temperatures. Like those rigs made of different metals in clock pendulums to keep the pendulum length (and therefore its period) the same between winter and summer. I’m kidding, of course. I’d never mix...
  6. Help with ID S&W Revolver

    Wait... is the box gone? If not, what does the box say?
  7. 45° or 90° Safety on AR

    If you don't have the third hole, does it matter?
  8. SOLD 14' stepladder: sturdy, tall, heavy: $30

    I bought this ladder used for $75 a month ago. It's too tall and too heavy for my use. I'm asking $60 on FacePlant and Craigslist. $30 here. Make it go away! 14' tall, 11' to "tallest standing height" Made by Babcock. It's shockingly sturdy and confidence inspiring 300lb capacity Pick up...
  9. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    No joke. The amount of overtly hostile bullshit I read here towards anyone who is gay or trans is a pretty dire indictment of what "gun people" think of anyone who doesn't look like them. Just like this. Stop that shit. You are part of the problem. Why is the LGBTQ community almost...
  10. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Any research done before Bruen hit is basically meaningless, other than as a guide as to which towns are more likely to try to push the edges. There really hasn't been enough time for any useful data since Bruen. So, no, I haven't done any public info requests. My understanding (from, you...
  11. Fightlite Lever Action AR

    <cough> Elon Musk </cough> That might be awesome, like a .38 spl lever gun, but you could fit like 40 rounds in it.
  12. MA Gun Registration

    That sounds pretty expensive to me. What’s your hourly rate?
  13. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Read this: Definition of “de facto” In practice, municipalities are not denying people for discretion or suitability.
  14. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    Right. And That Guy should be fined or forced to move or something if they can't behave like adults. The bad behavior of an individual or small group shouldn't lead to group punishment.
  15. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    Rightly so. But not because it was a business, or because it was a plumbing business. Their real offense was being noisy inconsiderate douchebags. If they'd been quiet, without the roaring pickups, shouting, door slamming, clanking, etc, you wouldn't have a legitimate complaint. That's my...
  16. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    Oh, I absolutely am familiar with the stink. They're revolting. Read what I said: It's not the pigs, it's the smell. If a pig farm could be "not revolting", if it could be done in a way that the neighbors couldn't tell it was there, I can't think of a reason to prevent a pig farm from...
  17. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    Why not? A business fee is a business fee. (or tax or whatever) *WHERE* you do it shouldn't matter at all. Your kitchen table 07FFL would still have to pay all the idiotic ATF fees and business licence fees and pay business taxes and all that crap, regardless of where you do it. Forcing a...
  18. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    "the point" in this case is when it unreasonably affects neighbors. Other than stupid laws, there's no reason I shouldn't be able to operate in FFL07 out of my house. It's not noisy, it doesn't attract traffic, there's no toxic runoff, etc. e.g. If I can do something and there's no way...
  19. The Littleton Mill Being Sold. Closing?

    You’re 100% correct. Having said that, it’s obscene and un-American to have laws that say you can’t earn a living from your house even if you have no impact on your neighbors. i.e.: a small scale 07 FFL in your basement, or baking muffins for local coffee shops, or a one chair barber shop...
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