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  1. Reload bench pics & setup. Suggestions?

    Looks pretty sweet!!
  2. Did I buy scrap brass?

    I was able to speak to the son-in-law of the guy who I purchased the brass from....Gave me the run down on what he had done...I felt confident after case gauge checks and speaking to him. Bought the Lyman M die and it worked perfectly. Made 100 or so and all went bang and nice groupings at...
  3. Did I buy scrap brass?

    Agreed took your advice and case gauged the bucket...all checked out....There were 8 real short that I pitched. It was a learning experience and I picked up a new tool in the process.
  4. Did I buy scrap brass?

    Mr. Bullet feeder is an exceptional machine...I used some of his key parts to make one...I am using 55gr FMJ-BT. Once brass is run through the M die they are placed with perfection.
  5. DIY Primer Tubes

    Made the tubes...worked out great. Again Extending the primer mag was a side side idea and not my main intent...
  6. Did I buy scrap brass?

    Great thanks for the possible issue..I will investigate... After reading the posts above and experimenting...I truly think there is no issue with the brass other than the neck seems to be a little tight for accepting a bullet from MBF.. The trim job is excellent. That being said: I placed...
  7. Did I buy scrap brass?

    Thanks for those that chimed in I started by measuring a case 1.74. I did the normal procedure from start to finish and it worked, but I still needed to reshape the necks with the lyman die for bullet stickage and it still shortened the case a bit. so here's what I tried: 0. Bullet would not...
  8. Did I buy scrap brass?

    Will do...everything except the neck, checks out...seems like the neck needs expansion... I am hoping that I can simple run through the lyman die so I can simply use the bullet feeder. Just need to make sure neck expansion does not mess with anything.
  9. Did I buy scrap brass?

    Went to a yard sale and there was a 5 gallon bucket of mixed .223. Mostly LC The price was $45 I snapped it up... Owner said there was a sticker under the lid. Sticker read: One Time .223 x Tumbled (1 hr) x Lubed x Deprimed Resized x Tumbled (2hr) x Swagged (I assume swaged) (I...
  10. UPDATE POST 19 Giraud Power Trimmer and Giraud Tri Way Trimmer

    Ok so I have the coupler 1/2" to 3/8" and the thing hums along at 3450 rpms. I did roughly 20 cases and compared the results to the Power Trimmer and the Tri Way Trimmer actually produced a better uniform chamfer. Maybe my power trimmer blade needs to be adjusted. Caveats: Torque of the 1/2...
  11. DIY Primer Tubes

    Yes, my only concern really was the added weight causing primers to bind was really just a side side idea to cutting the tubes for primer tubes. I am not married to it...more than anything I enjoy tinkering...
  12. DIY Primer Tubes

    I respect that, however having done 100K+ rounds myself and having not met a single other individual that has ignited a primer in a press, I think I am ok....That being said it would be a huge F'n mess and dangerous.
  13. DIY Primer Tubes

    I bought a press from someone that came with 2 spare parts kits so I am awash with these so I figured what the heck. I enjoy making things and for roughly half the price roughly $2 a piece I would like to extend the magazine in the 650 likely just using a plastic couple (like the one...
  14. DIY Primer Tubes

    Yea or you can use them to extend the primer magazine in the press with a little rigging.
  15. DIY Primer Tubes

    Anyone make their own primer tubes???...I came across a post on another forum so I ended up ordering some tubing to make large and small tubes. I think I am going to extend the one in the press and make some primer pickup tubes. If anyone is interested: Granger can be a bit too expensive but...
  16. UPDATE POST 19 Giraud Power Trimmer and Giraud Tri Way Trimmer

    I am over estimating the time at which I do it...I also twist more than 180 and I also am trimming to 1.74 which is a bit more material than most...Basically trim till I hear no maybe 3 seconds would be a better estimation. Really without the RPMs there is no fair comparison....So...
  17. UPDATE POST 19 Giraud Power Trimmer and Giraud Tri Way Trimmer

    Update: I was able to remove much of the chatter by balancing the shaft from the motor using a small flywheel on the opposing shaft and using a much better drill chuck. That being said I cannot stress this enough RPMS are critical. With a 1725rpm 1/2hp motor I was having to spend 20 seconds...
  18. Brass Sorter Trays

    There is an aluminum tray for the .380's
  19. EGW "U" dies for .40 and 9mmm

    I use both 9, 40....only issue I have ever run into was the powder funnel sticking a bit more than usual.....They do a nice job.
  20. UPDATE POST 19 Giraud Power Trimmer and Giraud Tri Way Trimmer

    Ideally if you owned a small lathe this thing would work flawlessly....Fast and Stable...
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