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  1. Any upcoming RO courses nearby?

    Pioneer is having a USPSA R.O. seminar, March 25th. You can sign up online.
  2. Quarter Circle 10

    I have a 16" version that I picked up on a prize table. Put an optic on it, sighted it in, then took it to a 2 gun match with less than 100 rounds through it. Ran great through the match. Bolt hold open works with Glock factory mags. I like it.
  3. How not to suck at USPSA/IDPA

    Solid advice from a very good shooter! On top of that, if you can squad with better shooters at matches, do so, and be observant. Sometimes the better shooters will offer advice, sometimes not, sometimes the advice is misinformation :) For videos, take a look at those here Videos – TPC Watching...
  4. Caspian or Colt, or both?

    Oh my god! Sean has the best insight on it, even though he was barely out of diapers when that gun was put together. The comp is a MBTS Budget Comp that was done by Practical Pistol Services of Methuen, Ma. I know, since I was Practical Pistol Services way back when. The rear sight was a...
  5. M1A sight

    There is a very small retaining ring that holds it, the detent ball and wave washers.
  6. M1A sight

    What exactly is your question? The notch on the hood is to show the orientation of the offset of the aperature.
  7. Yes, another shotgun thread.

    Benelli M2 Field, with a 21" barrel. You'll get as good a shotgun as it gets.
  8. Optic for ar?

    Do you have astigmatsim? If so, a red dot will drive you nuts. The Vortex Spitfire is the way to go, as it is prismatic, and an etched reticle that allows focusing.
  9. PCC

    PCC in pistol matches are boring. PCC only matches can be interesting though. View: This one had a few targets over 200 yards. The farthest one was 290. From the helo, the farthest was 275.
  10. Nordic NC22 .22lr AR Review

    If you know someone with a metal working lathe, it's easy to trim the length.
  11. Nordic NC22 .22lr AR Review

    If the cover extends past the barrel a bit, it will be fine. Just keep an eye on fouling when you do your maintainence.
  12. 6mm, Semi- Automatic Rifle in MA

    If you are planning on shooting PRS matches, 6 Creedmoor would be the best option. This would require a .308 sized upper and lower set.
  13. Allowing .22's at USPSA or IDPA matches?

    With almost every single club using Practiscore, there is no "sub minor" power factor for USPSA or IDPA. So, those shooting rimfire shouldn't even show up in the results. If there is enough interest in Covid practical shooting, why not run a match strictly for rimfire? There are rimfire steel...
  14. WTS Ewing Scope Stand SOLD

    Ewing scope stand, with three rods and Creedmoor Sports carry case. Rods are 1 inch in diameter, scope mount is with it. $200
  15. WTS Creedmoor Sports Shooting Coats SOLD

    2 size 50 Creedmoor Sports shooting coats. One is codura, with vents under the arms, the other is codura/leather sleeves and vented. $100 each, or best offer. Codura / Leather Codura coat is sold
  16. WTS Ariens 30" Platinum Snow Thrower SOLD

    Moving to Arizona. 30" Ariens Platinum snow thrower with cab. $600 or best reasonable offer. SOLD
  17. WTS Honda tiller For Sale, SOLD

    Small Honda tiller for sale, excellent condition. Moving. $200 or best reasonable offer. Tiller has been sold.
  18. WTS Cyclone Rake for sale. SOLD

    I'm moving and have the middle size Cyclone Rake for sale. The adapter was for a John Deere mower, it has the 3rd wheel setup. It is currently disassembled for winter storage. $750 or best reasonable offer.
  19. WTS Ohler 33 chronograph

    Ohler 33 chronograph, screens set up on a 2 piece rail, with a tripod to hold the rail, all in a tool box for easy transport. $200 or b.r.o.
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