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  1. Source of AG Banning Out-of-State Ammo Sales!

    I was hoping for the name of the dealer(s)
  2. Source of AG Banning Out-of-State Ammo Sales!

  3. 1

    "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient...

    "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” ~George Washington SO I WILL NOW BUY A TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. new london home invasion

    without a license?
  5. new london home invasion

    New London – A 15-year-old teen was charged with home invasion early this morning after police said he broke into a residence at 308 Crystal Ave. armed with a loaded handgun and knife. The unidentified male juvenile was charged with home invasion, first-degree burglary, second-degree...
  6. Braintree R&P Gun Show - 9/13 & 9/14/2014

    I have stopped going to gun shows as many if not most of the Sellers use these shows to sell at bloated prices. One local dealer was selling an M&P 15 in store for 750.00 and had it as a SHOW SPECIAL for 810.00. Same goes for ammo. With all the firearms and ammo being sought after, prices...
  7. Bodyguard 380 and Galloway precision

    With less than 100 rounds of factory loads, my Bodyguard blew up in my face............lots of blood and a chipped tooth, small punctures in my face, but no tears so all healed well. The frame split in my hand. Sent it back to S&W and they are refusing to honor the warranty. In their...
  8. Anyone Use/Comment on Little Crow Gunworks .223 Case Trimmer

    For cost of one on theirs, I bought 7 different calibers from LEE...... screw them on the cutter and start the drill and easy
  9. Questions about Lubricator/sizers

    will the Lyman 4500 fill the micro grooves on those bullets that call for tumble lube. I had been using Lee sizing dies, love them, but, I HATE the tumble lubing as my bullets get nasty sticky and never dry 100%. Tired for taking a cloth to each finished round.

    I HAVE A NEW LUBRISIZER 4500 AND THE INFO GIVEN FOR THE TOP PUNCHES REFER TO LYMAN MOLDS. I ONLY USE LEE MOLDS. I need top punches for 9mm RN----45 RN-----38 spec semi wad cutter. Can anyone tell me the # of the top punches for these three 1st person with complete answers gets to have/keep my...

    HEHE!! was up at range this AM and was shooting my 45-70. shot off 50 rounds. even with a pad my shoulder aches

    I HAVE 15 LBS OF THIS POWDER!!![shocked][shocked] Anyone have any data for 308 Winchester in 125, 150 and 160 grains
  13. Experienced caster, now having issues

    20 lb
  14. Re-sizing cases/ case prep for .223/5.56 is a pain

    counter sink in drill press, super fast
  15. Experienced caster, now having issues

    OK ALL!!! I reloaded my cast 223's. added gas check, found I needed to expand mouth due to the gas check. Loaded with 7.3 grains Unique. range was 7 to 9 grains. This load should have given me aprox. 2075 fps. They shot well, 3" at 100yds. BUT, load was not strong enough to recycle my...
  16. Time for a new press setup for 9mm and .45. Recommendations?

    I this an anti Lee forum?[smile] No one ever seems to recommend their products. I have loaded probably 20, 000+ on my Lee 1000 with only minor issues. Not only is the unit reliable, but accessories and the base unit is 70% cheaper. Service form Lee is outstanding. For those people looking to...
  17. Re-sizing cases/ case prep for .223/5.56 is a pain

    As my son sized and deprimed 2400 223's, ran each through a case gauge. Guess what? I only had to trim 160 to length. What a time saver. I then have length gauge/cutter in my cheap drill press($50), UP/DOWN, then quick inside/outside deburr and done. Why I never used he gauge before, I don't...
  18. Experienced caster, now having issues

    I use a lyman mold 223. My lead is as such. had leftover 3/4 pot of ww lead used for 45 and 9mm, melted it, added 1 full teaspoon of powdered antimony then linotype at 18% antimony. well mixed, I ran 7 small ladles though and pour them back into top and stirred well. I was guessing at the...
  19. Experienced caster, now having issues

    I have casts many calibers- using Lee molds. Any issue I had, I was able to correct. What is new to me. Lyman mold for 223 which is cast iron, I believe, compared to Lee's which are Allum. This is my scenario-- 1- new mold, different material. 2- First time I have used a spray to assist...
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