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  1. Snow 2016-2017

    but, while we're here: Wow!! I forgot that Martha Coakley and Maura Healey made their starts on Sesame Street. Looks like they were told to just act natural. Thats fantastic!![laugh]
  2. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    I got no problem being on top, but why can't I be on top and a little sticky? I think it just might be the man trying to keep me down.....its just not right...............I wanna be sticky damn it!!!!. [rofl]
  3. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    So, Derek, I started this thread, 8, yes count them 8 years ago. This was the very first thread I ever started on any forum. In fact, NES was the very 1st forum, I ever joined, and felt compelled to give money to, to become a Green member. Yes Derek, you deflowered me, you stole my innocence and...
  4. Snow 2016-2017

    ("BREAD AND MILK BITCHES, BREAD AND MILK!!!!") And a stick of butter....................... ( If you remember what show that is from, you probably just chuckled, and as a prize for knowing, you are given the gift of being old as f**k) [smile]
  5. How are you coping with the election results?

    This!! But expect that to be also a disappointment. Perhaps, I can go play in traffic..................................
  6. Hassan Wins NH Governor's Seat

    If you give me the address, I will bring a whole truck bed full of desks, to help test desk aerodynamics, and the effects of flying debris on the human body, for scientific reasons of course.
  7. Whats the favorite handgun you guys personally own!

    My Para C7 LTC .45 or my Para Slim Hawg .45, beyond what the haters say, they have never failed me, perhaps I have the Unicorns, or perhap it could be I don't shoot steel cased ammo. My wife loves pounding rounds out of my Ruger Blackhawk Convertable, shooting 9mm out of it feels like...
  8. Bloomberg Said What?!?

    Makes me wish I was a Chief of Police or Col. of the State Police in NH, I would be sending a fax right quick, with 2 words........................Try It!
  9. Doc Holiday

    Welcome To NES!

    Welcome To NES!
  10. New here

    Welcome[wave] Keep the questions coming, but also do searches for your self. A wealth of knowlege and experience is yours for the taking. Enjoy the site, and shoot safe, shoot often.
  11. Fallriver Ma is red now what

    [url] Of course, this is what it looks like for me on my way home cause i still have to work in this ungodly friggin state, but I slow down when I get over the border.[smile]
  12. Fallriver Ma is red now what

    I did this, well kinda, my uhaul was a POS, and smelled like it too, but you get the idea. Move out of that moonbat guanno festering ph*k tarded miserable shite hole, at your first chance. Thank you for your service.
  13. coyotes in the woods

    When the wife and I bought our place in Southern NH, my neighbors and several townies told me, in no uncertain term, you see them, you shoot them. That is obviously, if it is safe to do so, the whole target and beyond reasoning. What is neat, at least to me is, every now and again, mainly after...
  14. Any problems with "open carry" in NH?

    Being a former MA resident, now 8 months, and still getting accustomed to my newly inherited, but always had, but not allowed to use in MA, freedoms, simple answer is yes, you can OC pretty much anywhere, yes, in some places you may be talked to by the police, of any given town, and yes, if it...
  15. well it's happened....I got my kids in trouble at school

    After reading every post on this, here is my $.02. The first and most trusted teacher, is the parent. Ultimate responcability falls on the parents, situational outcome is predicated on situational awareness. The training of before, during, and after any situation is the tool needed. Like stated...
  16. Update post #101 My sister has passed. Thank you

    Pete, Sorry for your loss, loosing a sibling is always hard, they were your first, best friends. She lives on in your memories, the best parts of her, will never be lost, they also reside in you because thats the way family works, you are all diffrent, but all the same. The heavens just...
  17. Now I'm The Official Office Gun Nut

    davemata "That ain't nothing, I'm wearing my slippers, drinking an irish coffee and wearing my beretta with three extra loaded mags on the desk, my dog asleep, and porn on the tube. The perks of a home office. ." And a trusy old catchers sock you've had since the 4th grade, next to...
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