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  1. WTS SOLD please delete

    SOLD please delete
  2. WTT SOLD please delete

    Looking to trade a black p320 carry xgrip medium for a Wilson combat p320 grip full size no safety. prefer tan color Located in Northborough. All laws followed.
  3. WTS Sold please delete

    Sold, please delete
  4. WTS Sold, please delete

    sold, please delete
  5. WTB Found, please delete

    found please delete
  6. WTS Sold please delete

    Sold please delete
  7. WTS WTS-511 rush 12

    For sale is a black Rush 12 bag from 5.11 ( looks a lot like that, but has been used and mildly abused. has a small tear near the zipper that has been repaired. This use to by my everyday pack and worked great, but I have moved on to different...
  8. Bunker Hill Firearms Demo

    On my break from work doing my weekly climb of the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown with my ruck sack in tow, and to my surprise there was a musket demonstration going on. got back down from climbing and they were still at it. Sounded like the guy in the jump suit was teaching the gent...
  9. 7 rounds enough?

    If you know anyone that thinks that show them this video Hood Mothers In ATL Get Tased By Security Guard For Acting up In Front Of Children - YouTube And then this one ATL Woman Sends Gangsters To Beat Security Guard - YouTube
  10. Utah pushes for Constitutional carry

    Proposal: No permit needed to carry concealed weapon in Utah |
  11. over 30 guns found in wall in the UK

    Builder discovers deadly haul of more than 30 shotguns and pistols which were hidden behind false wall days after Dunblane massacre | Mail Online
  12. "southpaw" left handed 1911

    for all you lefties out there
  13. wheel chair tactics stumbled upon this video while watching idpa nationals videos. this guy is pretty awesome.
  14. turn your shotgun into an airsoft gun

    file this under the category of: worst ideas ever
  15. bomb patrol afghanastan new show on g4 (video game channel)
  16. Baby steps...

    So i've been shooting for a little over a year now and I have decided that reloading is a good idea. I've been saving what brass i can for the last few months and I just got my first reloading manual last night during a trip to kittery, haven't started reading it yet though. I've already...
  17. New Bedford to receive $950,000 for gunshot detection system
  18. picked up my garand from fedex monday

    i've finally got around to taking pictures i looked up the serial numbers and from what i found it was manufactured between 1953 and 1957. Springfield Armory M1 Garand with HRA trigger group. i won't be able to get around to shooting it until saturday morning...needless to say i cannot...
  19. modern marvels bulletproof

    is on the history channel right's an oldie but a goodie
  20. wanna go hunt pirates?? not sure how legitimate this is...but interesting to say the least
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