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  1. Ready or not, REAL ID is coming

    Same. Had a name issue. But got one anyway Hurry up. But not.
  2. New Firearms Acquisition Thread December 2022

    Did a trade for this
  3. France Requires Heirloom Weapons to Be Turned In Across the Country

    Never fired, dropped twice.
  4. Stuff said online.....

    So I need to change my signature here to? J/K /sarcasm
  5. Dark Humor Thread part 2.1

  6. Dark Humor Thread part 2.1

  7. Stuff said online.....

    Been a while since I got a notification. Hope not
  8. Mass hunter found dead

    Went hiking (err a walk) in the Douglas state forest, my ex got freaked out after 20 min when the trail disappeared. I’m like, ummm the water was on our left going in, it’s on our right coming out. And if we actually get lost there is a road probably within 1 mile in any direction. She grew...
  9. EDC! Show Us Yours!

    Yup. I remember. I never pulled the trigger on that one. Grrr But I did get the ZT(620cf) version Stock photo. It’s in my car as I type. ETA: found a family pic I took. I did get the second one as if I lost the CF version I’d have a backup.
  10. Stuff said online.....

    This is why I can’t “like” most of the really good stuff in the dark humor thread.
  11. EDC! Show Us Yours!

    Want! I lost my regular CQC7 years ago. Still miss it. This one is sweet!
  12. Back up gun

    Left ankle on the inside (I’m a righty).
  13. Looking for a good small revolver

    My stable. Cobra, as well plus a detective special (and a sw model 66) My hand bruiser is my sw 337 with a TI cylinder. Bought it (337) in the late 90’s early 2k? carried it for years. Less than 50 rounds through it.
  14. Banks Devising Ways to ID Mass Shooters Before They Strike

    I used Venmo for last I bought gun from a dealer. Prob for a “toy”. Forget what I put.
  15. Hey all new here

    Good answer! Welcome
  16. Hey all new here

    Just a shit poster. The approved firearms list in MA. If I was a troll I’d be like “hi Mura”. [wave]
  17. Hey all new here

    Let the games begin! (in my announcer voice)
  18. Hey all new here

    Ask about the list!!! Please!! We need some humor Oh and welcome and good luck.
  19. Deals and steals

    I ran out of content fast… 😎
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