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  1. MK IV firing pin fail

    I was on another Ruger forum that talked about another problem with the MK IV's. It seems that the firing pin may fail do to another hole that has been drilled in it. Has anyone here had that happen to them? I have a MKIII that I can replace the pin or maybe the whole bolt. Not sure yet...
  2. Just renewed for another year

    Just did my membership here, and my range too for another year. This place is a worth it, just for the firearms info alone. But I enjoy reading most of the threads here, even though I only reply to a few. Anyway hang in there everyone, and enjoy NES while we can. [grin]
  3. Renewed for another year

    Just renewed my membership for another year. I can say that this is the only site on the web that I actually put my money where my mouth is!! [grin]
  4. Armtix "Smart Guns', Files for Chapter 11

    I saw this on another site today. They say they are restructing, and not going bankrupt. I still think its not a bad idea, if it can be made to work safely as intended, for a decent price. Its just all the anti gun groups backing them, that have us against the whole smart gun tech, as a...
  5. M & J Guns in Rockland, MA

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if they went out of business? They have been closed everytime I have dropped by the last couple months. I understand that their phone has been disconnected, but their store frount is still there. Thanks for any info.
  6. Can the U.S. Constitution be "suspended" for any reason?

    I do not believe so. I would just like to put the question out there. Anyone out there with a law or history background may be of much help with any comments they have. I welcome any replies, by all members of the site here, of course.
  7. Happy with my !911

    I bought my first 1911 back in May. Its a Remington R1 E. I am still very happy with it, and take it to the range every time I go. I have maybe 200 rds though it. I only get to the range a couple times month. I have had a couple stovepipes so far. I would just like to ask you 1911 guys, if...
  8. Just renewd Green membership

    Hi All, I just reupped for another year. I would just like to say how much I enjoy this forum. There are so many smart and thoughtful members here. This is the first place I go, whenever I log onto the net. A big Thanks to D for running a great site!! [grin]
  9. Finally went Green

    About time I guess. I have been a member here for a couple years now. Great info, and most members here feel as I do on most stuff. My R&G club just went with PP, so I opened an acct. Nice to be Green at last!!![grin]
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