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  1. Primary Arms Red Dot Sight Questions (Aimpoint Clone)

    I'm using their newest Aimpoint Micro clone and friggin' love it. 5 year battery life and seems fairly rugged, it has been dropped on concrete a few times and had hundreds of rounds through the rifle with no loss of zero. If I had my choice between it and an Aimpoint to bet my life on, obviously...
  2. Aimoint PRO

    Since some knock-offs came into the thread.. I picked up one of these since I could not justify the metric-shitton that an Aimpoint Micro costs for a secondary rifle: Loving it so far.. clear, holds zero...
  3. Aimoint PRO

    I've had both.. liked both very much, but ended up settling on the Aimpoint Pro. For me, having the thing always work outweighed the nicer reticle of the eotech.
  4. SHTF reading

    Just ran across this book, very good read so far. NOT a SHTF book, more about what the long-term strategy has to be afterwards and how to make use of what is leftover.
  5. NV for REAL Amateur Operators

    Read the reviews at the bottom! [rofl]
  6. Berkey Water Filters

    Has anyone tried these filters as opposed to the black ones?
  7. Does anyone have a pet IMR 4064 .308 load?

    +1 on this one. IIRC the Federal Gold match 168gr I took apart and measured had 43.5 of 4064.
  8. 5.56 shoulder back too far?

    Update: Ran a couple mags of factory rounds through rifle (did not have time to make reloads). Looks like all the brass is now measuring +.001 on the rcbs mic.
  9. 5.56 shoulder back too far?

    Thanks guys! As always, your wisdom is much appreciated! [grin]
  10. 5.56 shoulder back too far?

    As always, thanks for the input. Measuring them with the hornady headspace kit, most of them measure 1.4555-1.4560. Checking them in the Wilson case gauge, they look right even with the minimum line. Safe to shoot, or chunk 'em, or can they be re-sized and stretched out (I'm pretty sure the...
  11. 5.56 shoulder back too far?

    Multiple rifles, which is why I was aiming for spec (-0- on the mic).
  12. 5.56 shoulder back too far?

    Yea, that's what I'm thinking. I wanted to make sure I was not taking too big of a risk though.
  13. 5.56 shoulder back too far?

    You may be thinking of a different one, mine are made of metal. It is this one: I was just measuring the headspacing of the sized brass. I'm unsure what the starting headspace was, my goal was to get them back to spec...
  14. 5.56 shoulder back too far?

    Hey all, After setting up the die to spec, I sized/primed some LC 5.56 brass in order to have it set up for easy completion down the line. I decided to re-measure the brass with my RCBS precision mic, and somehow the headspace is around -.005 to -0.007 or so. (the mic dials back to 45-43 past...
  15. Article: NY Officials Are Demanding They Register Their Guns – Here’s What They Did W

    THAT. And let's not forget.. to quote Ben Franklin: "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."
  16. This kind of made my blood boil

  17. ACOG - Help me choose what I want/need

    Plenty of good info here:
  18. Adios Amigos!

    Good luck!!
  19. Looks like go time in CT They are going to come for this guys guns

    This makes me happy. I wonder if the sheep that stood in line to register everything they own feels like jackasses yet..
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