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  1. Nyet! Rifle is fine!

    With apologies to @Boris. ;)
  2. NICS down?

    Over at the FLGS waiting on a Sig. Looks like NICS is busted. Anyone else run into it?
  3. Indiana Appeals Court applies Castle Doctrine to unlawful police entry

    From here a clip: Full decision: PDF
  4. The Illinois Way: Pro-2a speech gets your FOID revoked Read it all.
  5. Philly openly violates PA Gun law

    Link [angry]
  6. Kentucky: Employees Can't be Fired For Storing Guns in Cars link Steps on private property rights, but that was codified by state law (citations and excepts at the link).
  7. Magazine Q: P239 vs P225/P6

    Looking to get a suitable holster for a P225/P6 magazine (would prefer another one of these). Can anyone compare the dimensions of a P225 mag with a P239 magazine and see if I can use a mag holster for a P239 with a P225 mag? Thankee.
  8. Comm. v. McCollum

    Didn't see a thread on this yet. Link from (via Instapundit). Interesting read, and I didn't recall a thread on this case prior.
  9. Bill Whittle on Gun Rights

    Loved his PJTV stuff, looks like he's branched out on his own now. Video:
  10. Wisconsin's ban on CCW takes a hit Looks like WI residents might have a fighting chance to finally carry. More at the link.
  11. Chrome 6 is out!

    Just installed it and am going through the forums with it now, noticing a couple of things, figured I'd share with the class. 1. Holy carp, this is way faster at rendering the page than Firefox 3. But then again, I don't have all the fancy extensions with Chrome, so it could be that. I don't...
  12. How Many Rounds Before Your AR Blows Up?

    Link to story: Videos at the link. I wept at the amount of ammo used. [wink]
  13. Email from NES

    D, wanted to split this out from the Moneybomb thread. I didn't get the email from there, and I'm guessing it's because I'm using a gmail feature in my profile's email address. Pity, because it's super useful to tag emails. I've run into this from other websites (CC company, etc), but I'm always...
  14. Don't Bring a Knife to a Coffee Fight

    Didn't see this, unless someone posted it in another thread. A good display of being aware of your surroundings. Read it all.
  15. AR Rails...

    I suck. I attempted to move the rails (Troy MRF-DI) from my old post-ban AR (DPMS A3 upper) to my new (to me) pre-ban AR (Oly A2 upper). Yeah, that didn't work. The little ring behind the FSB just won't let the top half seat. Liberal application of WD40 and curse words did not help. Rubber...
  16. NY Subway workers off the hook

    H/T to Instapundit
  17. And the demonization picks up steam

    Link It will only get worse. I do not believe it will get better. The government has no incentive for it to get better. More at the link.
  18. Delaware State Police using illegal registry Read it all.
  19. Steel shot in my shotgun

    So I just picked up a Remington Sportsman 48, how bad is it for the barrel to run steel shot through it? Will it blow the sucker apart or just wear it down sooner than lead?
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