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  1. Verify Distinguised Shooter

    You do know that NCAA teams shoot smallbore and air rifles? On the ghey rifle continuum, they are right next to musicals and interior decorators. B
  2. Smith Enterprise M14/M1A bolt stop

    The normal bolt stop on an M14 is just that, a bolt stop. It was never designed to allow the operator to release the bolt. This one provides more leverage to allow you to use it like a modern rifle. The modern technique of using a rifle typically implies that the firing hand stays on the...
  3. Verify Distinguised Shooter

    I'd just go to the matches. You can sign up for a clinic and meet people. Most HP shooters don't charge for advice and if you ask will likely invite you along if they are going to a practice day at the range. It's always nice to have a buddy along to pull at 600. B
  4. New to New England, Interested in Gunsmithing

    Just look at all the community colleges. A solid foundation in manual machining is a good stepping stone to real gunsmithing (not just parts swapping). B
  5. New to New England, Interested in Gunsmithing

    Two options I would suggest: Gunsmithing school - 2 year associate degree Machinist school - 2 year associate degree I think the machinist track is a little more reasonable for most people and you can actually get a job when you graduate. B
  6. Collapsible stock vs Adjustable stock vs Folding stock in MA

    The sitting position would be difficult after a hard shag from that guy. B
  7. Collapsible stock vs Adjustable stock vs Folding stock in MA

    I'm curious what the interpretation of this stock might be if someone got jacked up. Post ban, no flash hider, but it does have a pistol grip and a bloop tube. B
  8. Giraud Power Trimmer

    He does not do them if I remember correctly. B
  9. Some People Make me just Shake my head

    I think you are about to get the zumbo treatment. LoL. B
  10. Best AR 15 lowers?

    Some of the lowers like the Mega Arms Ambi have a right side bolt release built right into the lower. Depending on the use, it can be a nice feature. B
  11. Do I need a new buffer?

    You can get a spacer if you want to use a carbine length buffer in a rifle tube. Carbine Buffer Spacer $10 B
  12. Verify Distinguised Shooter

    [rofl] I love these stories. Right up there with space shuttle door gunners.
  13. Homemade Cerakote/Finishing Oven

    Great stuff, thanks for posting. B
  14. Best AR 15 lowers?

    I have a Mega Arms and it's great. B
  15. Chucky Schumer Wants Veterans Guns

    If you wash your hands too many times or bite your fingernails, you can have a psychiatric diagnosis. Sounds like a good reason to take away someones rights forever. [thinking] B
  16. Bolt Rifle in .223 Remington 700/ Savage 10/ CZ 527

    I'm honored by your accolades, but unfortunately I'm not quite as good as you suspect. I understand where you are coming from. HP takes quite a lot of time and I struggle with the time requirements to get to the matches I attend. The M16 & A1 had 1/12 twist barrels and the USMC use to shoot...
  17. The NRA is the new KKK? Seriously?

    The NRA published some pictures a number of years ago of a southern NAACP chapter that had become an affiliated NRA Shooting Club. This is back in the 20s or 30s and the local chapters were trying to protect themselves from the Klan. B
  18. Bolt Rifle in .223 Remington 700/ Savage 10/ CZ 527

    If you are just shooting out to 300 yards, a 1/12 is fine. If you are competing against others or shooting much further you might want a faster twist and heavier bullets. Honestly a 9 twist is not that great. It's hit or miss with 77s. B
  19. Torque specs picatinny rail to receiver

    Badger says 65 inch pounds for their bases. B
  20. new rifle or???

    If you want to be competitive in F-TR or F-Open I would build a new rifle. You could probably build what you have into a significantly better rifle for F-TR, but I'm thinking the 700 action isn't quite up to the task for an F-Open gun. The action is ok if you true it up. But other than that...
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