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  1. Why do we obsess about scope rings?

    In response to thread title...This is NES, we obsess about everything
  2. 1903-a3 price?

    Ammo played a part in that as well.
  3. 1903-a3 price?

    I've been out of the 03 game for a long time now but seeing as SKS's are selling for $900+ these days I can only imagine what a solid 03 goes for now. Most I ever paid was around 600-700 for a nice condition C-stock but that was almost 20 years ago
  4. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    Probably late GWB or early BHO. Before all the Covid Crazies they were running around $36-$40/thousand in my area
  5. New Firearms Acquisition Thread December 2022

    Some of you Gents really got some picture taking skills!
  6. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    I still have a few bricks off CCI 41's and 34's with $19.95 price tags on them..Ahhhh memories!
  7. Help me decide!

    The only two you mentioned that I have experience with is the PC Carbine and the Kriss. I didn't end up liking the Kriss (10mm) but the PC Carbine (9mm) I really do like. It's simple, accurate and a lot of fun to shoot. I have the take-down chassis model (are they all take-downs?) with a C-Moore...
  8. Latest Gun Acquisitions November 2022

    Love my 57 Classic, just watch out for the ejector rod, mine started backing out and I couldn't get the cylinder open until I figured out what was happening
  9. Reasonable 9mm pistol accuracy

    Loved Maggie!!!
  10. Warning to travelers

    Don't know about anyone else but I've yet to have one of those I phone fingerprint readers work consistently, maybe I got f***ed up prints?
  11. Ashfield Select Board hosting forum on gun noise

    There was a time when you would just go talk to your neighbor(s) and work something out without getting the "Man" involved.
  12. Latest Gun Acquisitions November 2022

    Like Britney Spears said "Ooops I did it again" But, another one off the bucket list. My first Colt revolver.
  13. What is S&W thinking?

    Hey, I got an about getting rid of that f***ing Hillary Hole!
  14. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    Great another one I have to figure out LOL, I actually got the RAM one pretty quick
  15. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    Larry still has CCI 500's as of 10:39AM
  16. Any advice on 10mm?

    When I was in my Glock phase I loaded 9.6gr of Blue Dot under a 180gr cast FP for a G20, I never chrono'd it but it was pretty stiff recoil wise. I don't play with Glocks anymore. That G20 had a 6" KKM barrel and a heavier recoil spring installed. I still have 1911's in 10mm and 610 revolver...
  17. Please id this

    I spelled chute wrong!!!!
  18. How much "gun" do you EDC?

    Go double Desert Eagles Deadpool style! But for me S&W PC1911/4.25" bobtail with one extra mag
  19. Please id this

    I don't know dillion but from the shape it looks like the bracket to collect finished rounds, the plastic bin hangs on it and the Shute guides the rounds in.
  20. Wyoming Hunter Shoots Self While Fighting Off Grizzly Attack

    "Some days you get the bear".....well, maybe not.
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