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  1. Electrician needed for generator connection

    Looking for an electrician or a referral of one to install a generator hookup junction . The job is located in New Hampshire, Swanzey area. PM if interested .
  2. Remember this advise from Joe Biden

    I just had to post this video... Brain dead Joe Biden giving advise on two firearms topics, 1. you don't need an AR15 2. Just buy a shotgun. View: [slap] What a complete DOLT!!!!
  3. A little dated but worth watching

  4. This is simply CRAZY

    Check out this post on Instagram. After I read it I was floored. This kid needs to spell check his manifesto before he publishes it and of course BETO is taking full advantage of any face time he can get. View:
  5. OK folks what is it?????

    It took me long enough to find one.
  6. PLEASE donate to Comm 2A

    Its been awhile since I was able to contribute to Comm 2A. I just donated $100.00 to help the cause. I am in the process of moving to North Carolina because I cant deal with the anti gun mentality of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. However I still feel obligated to help the cause. Even if you...
  7. Selling off most of my C+R collection

    Well folks its time to thin the herd. I don't hit the range as I used to. Anyone know of a FFL dealer that folks would recommend?
  8. Interesting article regarding Mosin Nagants

    Provided by Rock Solid Industries: Tips and Tricks How to smooth out and speed up the Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle. The parts are: 1. Extractor 2. Bolt Head 3. Firing Pin Spring 4. Firing Pin 5. Connecting Bar 6. Cocking Piece 7. Bolt Body The connecting bar is the main...
  9. 1944 Tikka Mosin Nagant 91/30

    I have not purchased a Milsurp in sometime and this excellent condition 1944 Tikka rework of a model 91/30 Mosin caught my eye. Given Mosin Nagant 91/30 currently are selling for $300 ( shock ) I was able to snatch this one up for an excellent price. I guess the Mosin collector is still...
  10. Holbrook Sportsmans Club Gun Show

    ADDED DISCOUNT COUPON Holbrook will be having their annual gun show November Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th Doors open at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 150 Quincy Street Holbrook MA Just off Rt 137. Feel free to print the $1.00 off coupon
  11. North Korean Type 58 AK47

    This is for SKS Ray and Martin08. A very rare North Korean AK47 all matching except the bolt. Enjoy:
  12. A little help from my friends

    As I posted earlier I am building a M39 rifle using an Arcangle Stock. I have the scope mount mounted and found with this mount my bent bolt will not clear the mount and close. So I need to have a custom bolt handle made. I had purchased over the years complete Mosin Nagant bolts. When I opened...
  13. Doing the unthinkable

    As most of you know I have collected Mosin Nagants and Finn rifles for over 30 years. Some years back the folks in New York had a complete barreled action for short money. The bluing was very good and the bore was great. I found a M39 stock and added it to my collection. Well I decided to make a...
  14. Winchester G30 video Winchester G30M (Video) by Ian McCollum If the above link doesn't work for you try this It's a fascinating history lesson. Enjoy my fellow collectors.
  15. Membership

    Another year has flown by and my membership renewal has become due. Without hesitation I renewed. Thanks to Derek, fellow NES members for maintaining a site that provides information regarding new production firearms and my favorite the collectors forum. Thanks to all, looking forward to...
  16. GEW 88

    A nice video showing a beautiful German GEW 88. Tim I think you will enjoy this being your our Mauser guy here. Enjoy, RIA: Gewehr 1898 – Germany’s Standard WWI Rifle by Ian McCollum
  17. Mosin Nagant Book

    A limited number of this history of the Mosin Nagant book is available. The following is an article from the Rock Island Armory Auction company. Book Review: M91/30 Rifles and M38/M44 Carbines in 1941-1945 by Ian McCollum M91/30 Rifles and M38/M44 Carbines in 1941-1945The full title is...
  18. Reduction Time

    update: I have sold 11 items and have decided to sell the remainder through the Rock Island Armory auction house. Folks can go to their web site and bid . The Mausers and Mosins will be selling as lots and the pistols and the 1903, 1903a3 , P38's and the 1911 will be listed individually. There...
  19. RIA: T3E2 Trials .276-Caliber Garand For those of us who love our Garands check out the prototype which is a rare find. Very interesting video about the history of this test rifle! Enjoy Thanks once again to Rock Island Armory auction house for putting...
  20. swiss-sk-46-prototype-semiauto-rifle For all my fellow collectors out there this video of the Swiss prototype semi automatic rifle is extremely interesting. They made very few with a couple chambered in 8 mm which went to Egypt. Take a look at the...
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