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  1. Stuff said online.....

    It has been mentioned that anything said online can be used against you, but some people still insist on posting garbage like "someone tried that with me I would ......" and the like. Real world example from yesterday. A person present at the Jan 6 riots was sentenced in Boston yesterday to...
  2. Ridiculous self defense acceptance by DA Why couldn't they have charged the hold up man under the felony murder doctrine?
  3. Four Seasons Website Down

    The Four Seasons website is down, with the exception of the used gun page. There is some sort of outage in Phoenix. The hosting company phone goes to "this call cannot be completed" and doesn't even ring. I'm wondering who can see the temporary page at fsguns, and he used gun page linked...
  4. Results oriented judiciary

    "Results oriented judiciary" is an insult leveled at courts who first look at the outcome they want in the case, and then go on a scavenger hunt to find a justification for that result - effective acting as de-facto legal counsel for the side it has decided should win. The CNN article on one of...
  5. Texas signs

    My wife is at a nursing convention (she on the board of the org, so she has to go) and brought me along for "Companionship", though I think my role is gofer and baggage handler. Decided to grab photos of no guns signs to see if any were TX30.06/30.07 compliant. No signs here: A...
  6. CA Deck stacking legal madness

    This reminds of the Jacques strategy ..... "I'll take a win on this no matter how I get it". Sheer madness if CA prevails.
  7. Mass shooter: 0 Armed bystander: 1 Media: -1
  8. Bad vendor policy

    Area 419 – Precision Comes Standard looks like a dog friendly vendor with some really cool products. But, I have never heard of such an obnoxious policy: First, the carrier will not accept a claim by the recipient. It is the shipper who is the customer. And "discounted rate at our sole...
  9. Puke - Medal of Freedom - WTF?

    Medal of freedom for working to take freedoms away? As Homer Simpson would say "This is a misleading as to the final chapter of the never ending story".
  10. MA License Restrictions

    The proper solution to the restriction issue is NOT necessarily to pressure places like Brookline to rollover, since that's a game of whackamole. The FRB has already made changes in response to the legal environment: 1. It updated their system to include nationality and naturalization # to...
  11. Trigger lock that violates safety protocols

    There is a general consensus that one does not put a trigger lock on a loaded gun, Sure, there are exceptions - like one that allow you to put the locking post behind the trigger (most often revolvers). Check this out for a good laugh: Quick Draw Trigger Lock
  12. Form 1 existing trust

    I with to apply for a Form 1 to add an SBR to an existing NFA trust. Trustees have not changed. Do I do anything different? Do I still provide a copy of the trust with the new E-Form1 and do I need new prints from all trustees?
  13. NES, Ukraine style

    This has to be a dupe, but: View:
  14. WTB: Bruel & Kjaer Type 4136 1/4-inch microphone along with its UA-0035 thread

    It would really help my standing at the local gun club if someone has a spare Bruel & Kjaer Type 4136 1/4-inch microphone along with its UA-0035 thread adapter available to supply for a shooting noise project. Cash or trade for a vintage working B&K Type 4427 Environmental Noise Analyzer...
  15. Appliance service

    Looking for some info about appliance service rates. I have used a guy who is fantastic - goes straight to the problem, knows exactly what to do, doesn't f things up, etc. All around good guy, from both a personal and competence point of view. Took over from his father who I used for years...
  16. Ashland Police Dog Killing

    Ashland police officer Tuukka has been suspended pending an investigation into killing a dog when off duty:
  17. Valhalla tactical (the one with the URL) review *****

    There are a bunch of vendors out there using "Valhalla" in the name, but this is the one of which I speak: I wanted to buy a RockRiver 9x19 conversion for an AR. I've found that this model works nicely, does not mark up or damage the lower it is used in, and doesn't force me to...
  18. Dangerousness hearings

    Marlborough man, facing several weapons charges, is deemed too dangerous for bail A few lessons from this one: Experimentation with explosives will be taken as evidence of evil intent, even if done in a safe and harmless manner. Posting stupid stuff online that implies advocating violence...
  19. Difficult applicant

    So what happens if this guy applies for a LTC or CCW in a state that requires prints:
  20. Is there an offense "Leaving ammunition unattended?"

    "When police and the FBI raided Calabrese’s home, they found four guns, including a sawed-off shotgun, several boxes of ammunition and silencers. Calabrese did not have a license to carry or possess an FID card, authorities said. Police charged Calabrese with possession of a firearm without an...
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