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  1. Gonna be near the Mill today

    Got a company event at Kimball Farms today, which according to the map is a short hop from the mill. I want to pick up a couple of stripped lowers so who should I visit? who will be open around 2-3ish? Thanks.
  2. Need some guidance from the 1911 experts

    I picked up a new 4.25" SA Emissary couple of weeks ago, I really like this pistol, it checks a lot of boxes for me and I would like to CCW it at some point but the pistol has two annoying issues that don't seem to be getting better. 1st is a FTF, the round gets jammed up about half way into the...
  3. WTB 226 and 92 mags

    Looking for Sig 226 and Beretta 92 pre ban mags ( not after markets) in good condition. PM here if you have any. Walt.
  4. Opinion from NES Electricians....The real ones!!!

    All I wanted to do is swap some lights…….. I would say this box is stuffed beyond capacity plus, no NM clamp. What Say ye all? Fortunately there is enough slack in the cables so it can be re-worked into a bigger box.
  5. WTS 3 guitars, amplifier, synthesizer

    My dream of rekindling my glory days has gone by the wayside, got too much gear and not enough space so some of it needs to go. All items never gigged or even left the house for that matter. 1. Epiphone Masterbuilt acoustic, dual pickups, built in tuner and EQ. Comes with case, excellent...
  6. Free furniture, hate to toss it!

    FREE!!!! I have an oak entertainment center in very good condition and Two oak end tables and matching square coffee table with glass inserts, they need a little tlc but other wise in good shape. I just need them gone by the end of this weekend or they become firewood or off to the dumpster...
  7. KSG owners, a question?

    So I finally got to take my KSG out to the range this weekend and was pleasantly surprised, the recoil impulse is much more comfortable that other shotguns I have fired. One issue I was having was a failure to extract the fired shell, this happened about ten times..kind of annoying but it did...
  8. WTS Please Delete, all gone

    All items are pick up only, can be picked up in Plainville during the week or Somerset on weekends. Venmo ok. Contact here via PM. 1. Laser bore sighter, never used $25.00 2. MGW Glock rear sight tool, also includes front sight tool, used twice $50.00 3. Brownells Glock firing pin cannel liner...
  9. Receiver transfer question

    I know in MA a Receiver is not considered a firearm so no EFA10 needed. I posted a 1903 receiver in the classifieds but it was originally a complete rifle I scavenged for parts years ago. Does that have any bearing on transferring it to someone else now? Thanks,
  10. WTS Free…1903 Federal Ordnance receiver only

    This has been sitting in my safe for years, needs to be picked up. PM if you want it. I forgot to mention for those who do not know this is a CAST receiver, not a forged USGI unit.
  11. WTB 45 Colt brass

    Title says it all, PM here if you have any. Thanks, Walt
  12. Loading the the 460 S&W

    So I finally have gotten around to loading my first small batch of 460 Mag's, When I say small batch I mean 10 rounds. First thing I noticed was resizing the case took way much more force than I have experienced with anything I have reloaded previously, I'm using a Hornandy carbide sizer die but...
  13. Vision issues

    So I have reached that wonderful point in life where the front sight is a friggin blur, I can see the target just fine but my sight picture is shit. If I put my readers on I can see the front sight but then the target is a blur. Got an eye doc appt in March but was wondering what others have...
  14. PC carbine and Glock happy sticks

    Anyone here try one of the extended Glock or aftermarket mags in the Ruger PC carbine? All the ones I have seen for sale are U notch and the Ruger manual says the gun won't work with U notch mags, but I have also heard they will work.
  15. How to make a BAR

    Pretty awesome video
  16. M855 ammo

    What is the best you can expect from this ammo? I was holding all my shots in a 6-8 inch circle at 200 yards using a 16" 1/7 barrel with an unmagnified red dot prone. Is this ammo capable of better or do I just need to practice a shit ton more?
  17. WTT Magneto speed Chono

    I have an unused Magento speed V3 chronograph, never had a bullet fired over it. I did mount it to a rifle for a test fit but never actually used it. Will trade for the following or a combination of the following: CCI small and large pistol primers CCI BR4 rifle primers 231, titegoup, H110...
  18. WTB Hornandy LNL AP

    Looking to add a third LNL AP to the bench, must be complete and in good condition. These are over 600 bucks new now so I'm hoping to save a few bucks if I can find one here. Walt.
  19. WTT Sig 220-10 Elite Stainless (Done deal, please delete)

    I've gotten to a point in my shooting life where I am done collecting, things sitting in the safe for the sake of having them doesn't appeal to me much any longer, if I'm not going to shoot it, it needs to go. That being said I have a mint Sig Sauer P220-10 Elite Stainless in 10mm. I acquired...
  20. Yes, another shotgun thread.

    I'm in the market for a semi-auto, 12ga, SHTF/SD/tacticool. Knowing there is a big difference in price between them I have looked at the Bennelli M4, Beretta 1301, and Mossy 930, what else should I be looking at? Would love an M4 but they are pricey, the beretta seems to be between the m4 and...
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