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  1. Aimpoint ACRO on Glock 26

    I saw that when I was filling the form out to see how much it would cost. I love that option to just get the milled part coated. I wana get and try the Holosun ACCS or 509T. Undecided
  2. Aimpoint ACRO on Glock 26

    Do you know if they’ll mount the red dot too?
  3. Aimpoint ACRO on Glock 26

    I wish jager works lead time wasn’t like 12 weeks. I like that you can send your sight in and they will mount it for you and laser sight it in. Im going down the rabbit hole and think I want to put a 509t or the 509 ACCS on my 19.
  4. Anyone seen these around -RDB- survival

    I didn’t like how it felt and the build quality I wasn’t a fan off.
  5. 2022 Fishing Thread

    tried out a new spot. Also got to watch a baked eagle for a while. iPhone doesn’t do it Justice.
  6. 2022 Fishing Thread

    I always wanted to try to stream fish for small mouth with a fly rod.
  7. 2022 Fishing Thread

    If anyones ever down to pond hop or kayak fish I’m in the Hudson mark area I’m always down for new spots.
  8. 2022 Fishing Thread

    Nice little Father’s Day trip
  9. Your New Knife!

    Not so much a knife but it is sharp HFB Bleeding Heart
  10. WTS Smith and Wesson M&P 340 -sold

    WTS: my S&W M&P 340 j frame in 357 magnum. This was never fired and carried a few times. It had a couple marks on the cylinder from my belt buckle rubbing it on practice draws. I do not have the cardboard box it came in anymore. Looking for $650. I have a box of .357 to go with it...
  11. Good first kayak fishing if the year for me

    Thank you! Yea I took the day off work and was like screw it. Renew my license and give it a go
  12. Good first kayak fishing if the year for me

    Pretty good size for the spot I was in
  13. Your New Knife!

    So I grabbed the spike which I looove and the Crow Jr which the blade is amazing. I’m loving it. I’m not a massive fan of the felt lined Kydex as much it might need a little heating and tightening once the felt wears in but I def kinda wana down the road grab another blade from them.
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