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  1. CT out to slow gun purchases

    Connecticut Just Quietly Enacted New Gun Control and You Had No Idea
  2. MILLER: Smith & Wesson to stop selling guns in California due to microstamping law

    Bravo! Now if they just stop selling to law enforcement!

    GOVERNOR CHRISTIE VETOES FINAL GUN BILLS! FIFTY CALIBER BAN - DEAD! SWEENEY F.I.D. BILL - DEAD! TRACE DATA BREACH - DEAD! Sweeney and Trace Data Bills Conditionally Vetoed Please Thank Governor Christie for Vetoing these Measures That Targeted Only Gun Rights And Ignored...
  4. Pete's Gun & Tackle Hudson,NH

    Friend of mine stopped buy there this past week while on business. Lots of reloading Dillon stuff along with powder and primers and ammo! managed to score 6-1lb containers on BLC-2 for $26 ea. Pete's Gun & Tackle
  5. Chris Christie signs budget,vetoes 8 bills

    Bill vetoed. We are going to take up a collection and buy him a pallet of Twinkies if he vetoes the other gun bills! A-3668/SCS for S-2467, 2471 (Jasey, McKeon, Cryan, Johnson, Quijano/Gill, Weinberg, Codey) -ABSOLUTE – Prohibits investment by State of pension and annuity funds in companies...
  6. Now it starts in PA. It's OK to carry, but not if we don't want you to.

    Bethlehem crossing guard had pistol on him, won't be charged, police say. Bethlehem crossing guard had pistol on him, won't be charged, police say |
  7. Leaked Memo: Confiscate All Guns!

    The National Rifle Association has obtained a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The nine page “cursory summary” on current gun control initiatives was not officially released by the Obama administration. The DOJ memo (downloadable here as a...
  8. This is how representatives vote for gun bills in New Jersey!

    Another voting session caught with an open mike. OOPS! If you don't have the votes to pass and don't like the way it's going then just stop and move on to another bill which is against the rules once the vote has started! This just happened here in NJ!
  9. New name for "Gun Control Advocates" or "Anti-Gun". Pass along!

    In keeping with Frank Jack Fiamingo's "rebranding" crusade fron the New Jersey Second Ammendment Society: I will henceforth no longer refer to anyone against our 2A rights as "anti gun" or "gun control advocates". They will now be known and labeled by me as: "Gun Bigots" Please spread this...
  10. This is good Obama with subtitles!

    Don't know if this is a dupe but it is too funny!!
  11. Could have beeen worse for us in NJ!

    Good luck to all in all NE states! This is what our wonderful Democrats propose. NO AWB/No reduced mags/No on line ammo bans. The centerpiece of the package would: Establish an electronic system of instant background checks for gun retailers, combining the separate permits for handguns and...
  12. Blumenthal uses Sandy Hook to raise campaign cash for himself!!!!!

    How great is this! The issue took a disgusting political turn on Thursday, though, when U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., used Sandy Hook to raise money. The money is not for one of the relief funds set up to help victims’ families, or to fund mental health services, or to support autism...
  13. Report: DHS Attempting to “Control How Much Ammo is Available On the Commercial Marke

    Makes perfect sense! No ammo no guns. “The Department of Homeland Security’s huge ammo purchases were an attempt to dry up supplies as part of an end run around the second amendment,” writes Paul Joseph Watson of the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition purchased by the Department of Homeland...
  14. Remington Arms=Traitors!

    Never any remington products in my house! Remington Arms plans to invest $20 million into Ilion plan Remington Arms plans to invest $20 million into Ilion plan : News :
  15. We all need a few more politicians like this guy!

    Illinois state Rep. Jim Sacia, R-Pecatonica, uses a castration analogy during the debate over concealed carry in Illinois.

    While BCM has made a great many friends with the fine officers that serve the Milwaukee PD, regrettably as of today,we will no longer do business with Chief Edward Flynn and the Milwaukee PD."!/BravoCompanyUSA?fref=ts
  17. Hey Ma. You made #3 on the list with all the other NE states not too far behind!

    Worst states for gun control!
  18. Citizens Applaud Defeat of Firearms Ban in Massachusetts

    Don't know if this is a dupe but I applaud the citizens in Westford! Genesis Communications Network GCN News Citizens Applaud Defeat of Firearms Ban in Massachusetts «
  19. Remington Arms will not support us!

    They want us to contact our lawmakers. No more remington products for me! They are getting hammered on their facebook page! For nearly 200 years, Remington Arms has been at the side of the American hunter and shooter as well as our...
  20. N.J. Assembly approves 22 gun-control bills

    Bend over boys. You could be next! I can't wait to get out of this Democratic/Nazi run state!!!!!!!! N.J. Assembly approves 22 gun-control bills ? NewsWorks
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